Future and Responsibility: Perspectives on China's Role in Global Governence

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Table of Contents
Preface Reforming the Global Governance System in Response to Changes in the World

Chapter 1 Philosophy of Global Governance
Origins of the theory of global governance
The world needs China for global governance, and China needs the world for its development
Xi Jinping's philosophy of global governance

Chapter 2 Changes in World Order and Theories
A new hot topic in studies of international issues: world order
Composition of world order
Evolution and nature of the current world order
World order amidst major changes
Driver of change in world order and vision of a new world order

Chapter 3 Global Governance and New International Relations
What makes a 〝new type〞 of international relations?
Reasons for advocating a new type of international relations
From new international relations to new global governance

Chapter 4 China's Responsibility in Global Governance
Global governance, international systems and national responsibility
Changes in China's identity in international systems
China's responsibility in the global governance system

Chapter 5 Belt and Road Initiative and Global Governance
How to overcome the governance deficit
Development governance: decolonization
Climate governance: Global Energy Interconnection
Globalization governance: promoting inclusive globalization
Innovation in governance mechanism

Chapter 6 China's Explorations in the Reform of Global Financial System
Evolution of global financial system since World War Ⅱ
Governance dilemma of traditional global financial system
G20: China's explorations in the reform of global financial system
China benefits from the G20 mechanism
Incremental reform of global financial system

Chapter7 Challenges to Global Governance: Future of the World
Historical and value logic in the concept of global governance
Chinese wisdom in the concept of global governance
A clarification on the so-called 〝Chinese Paradox〞in the concept of global governance
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  President Xi Jinping said, The world today is more connected than ever before. And China is open wider to the world than ever before. The relationship between China and the world is undergoing historic changes. China needs to learn more about the world, and the world needs to learn more about China.
  China is increasingly approaching the center of the international arena. In a world that is characterized by transformation and uncertainty, one in which the pattern of global powers is rapidly changing, increasing attention is directed to China. People are interested in the path the country has travelled and the direction it is heading to, and more importantly, they want to know what China can do for the world. All these may boil down to a seemingly simple question: How to understand China? This is a question that is too broad to be answered in just a few words.
  The history of a large nation is bound to have twists and turns. Some people in other countries are biased against China, largely because of misunderstandings. The purpose of this series is to clarify these misunderstandings.
  China in Focus is our response to questions asked by those who are interested in the country. These books offer a glimpse into the history and way of governance of the Communist Party of China, the great success of reform and opening up, the country's anti-corruption efforts, its role in global governance, the Belt and Road Initiative, the targeted poverty alleviation strategy, environmental protection policies and other aspects of the development pathway of the country. Among China-related topics, these are what people in other countries care about most. The information provided by these books can help readers better understand China.
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Future and Responsibility: Perspectives on China's Role in Global Governence