Heroes of China's New Era - Zhong Yang: The Answer of a Botanist to Life

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Resignation by “A Zealous Science Freakist” 
From a deputy departmental leader to an ordinary teacher: A choice for a lifetime 
From a story-telling king to a “witty talker”: Pursuit of knowledge lasted all the lifetime of Zhong Yang 
From “the gifted class” to “the special class for the gifted young”: Fate opened a window 
From Wuhan to Shanghai: Restarting from scratch 

Chapter Two “Pursuing Dream”: The Hard Road of a Seed 
A “treasure bank” on the Tibetan Plateau 
It is a dream, and also a mission 
Looking for Alpine Snow Lotus on the line of life and death 
He left behind 40 million seeds in 16 years 

Chapter Three “Daring Zhong” and “The Roasted Cake” 
“Hurry up, insert it back ...” 
“Roasted cakes” is the most delicious 
He named the “white rats” of the botanical community with his student names 

Chapter Four After Facing Death 
“I began to feel the blood flowing profusely in my body ...” 
Alarm clock at 3 o’clock in the early morning 
“I can quit alcoholic drinking, but I can’t quit Tibet.” 
A severer “Science Mania” 

Chapter Five “Big Thoughts and Great Emotions” of the Tall Fellow 
Big ego in my heart 
Academic “clear stream” 
A man of chivalry of Contents 

Chapter Six This Great Scientist Turned Out to Be a “Science Expert” 
The glamor of Zhong 
“Turn to Mr. Zhong if you are in trouble.” 
The “paranoia” had a pure heart 
A promise that will never be fulfi lled 

Chapter Seven Last 24 Hours in His Life 

Chapter Eight Seed Heaven 
“‘Wrong’ message, ‘wrong’ message!” 
“Zhong Yang cannot do anything for you any more ...” 
“A family photo taken 12 years ago” 
“He was born for science, born for career and born for the ideal.” 
“I’ll take care of them after they are 15 years old.” 
“This is the money exchanged with my father’s life. We should use it for my father’s career.” Chapter Nine “I Am a Seed of Dandelion.” 
The “love” of Zhong Yang 
The secrets of Bian Zhen 
A seed changing the fate 
“Sorry to get to know you in this way!” 
“Farewell, Mr. Zhong, go well all the way!” 

Postscript When Stars Are Shining 
The height of life 
In the days when I lost contact 
Heroes of China's New Era - Zhong Yang: The Answer of a Botanist to Life