Heroes of China's New Era - Jin Xing’an and the First Farmers’ Book House

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Jin Xing’an, “A Good Man” 
Written instructions from two vice premiers 
Jin Xing’an, the “Good Person in China” 
Spirit homeland in a remote rural area 
A Peking University student from a poor village 
“If there is a paradise, it must be similar to the Book House.” 
“It seemed that the whole world emerged in front of me.” 
“The eagerness and expressions in the farmers’ eyes for knowledge have deeply moved me.” Being grateful 
Chapter Two An Orphan Eventually Becomes a Writer 
Lost his parents at the age of 10, supported by the government 
Relations between teacher and student for 50 years of Contents 
Being a useful person through self-study 
His wife 
Looking for a book to read desperately 
Realizing what he wrote is children’s literature later 
The fi rst news report that brought overnight success 
From Dingyuan to Hefei 
Manuscript based on three months’ interview gets lost 
Chapter Three Building a Book House for Countrymen 
As long as you have the money to buy rice, there are 
no worries “How should I repay you, my townspeople?” 
It is the fi rst step that is diffi cult 
The county secretary of the Party Committee worked on site 
The Book House opened 
Building the Book House with money set aside for the wedding of his son 
Chapter Four The Great Relay of Benevolent Help 
Setting up a plate with inscriptions from leading academics 
Timely assistance 
Part-time clerk who is not paid a single penny 
“It is really good to come back to take a look!” 
The gratitude can be passed on 
“What I aim at is Jin’s spirit!” 
“It doesn’t matter that there is no heating in winter!” 
Chapter Five The Book Nourishes Ordinary People 
Farmers’ cultural paradise 
New changes in Jiangji Town 
Anhui Province strides forward 
Farmers’ Book House will have a brighter future 
Chapter Six There Is No End to Gratitude 
Participating in moral education 
Looking for the “benefactor” 
The loving kindness of a cup of water 
Postscript ------187
Heroes of China's New Era - Jin Xing’an and the First Farmers’ Book House