Heroes of China's New Era: Sunshine Sisters The Story of Housekeeping Service

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Author: Peng Yanhua; Li Yifeng; ;
Language: English
Page: 225
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508535821

About Author
Peng Yanhua, member of China Writers Association, has published many works in various newspapers and periodicals such as People's Literature, People's Daily, and VVenhui Monthly totaling more than 2million words. Among his writings,  Mount Meng & Yihe River won the 4th National Excellent Reportage Literary Award, and Green Willows on the VVasteland was awarded First Prize by People's Daily and has been included in Chinese textbooks for middle school students.
Table of Contents
Chapter One By Your Side
The Examination Hall
Give and Get
Auspicious Cloud

Chapter Two A Soul with the Strength of Character
Zhuo's Iron Law
Boundless Goodwill and Support

Chapter Three On the Yellow Earth
Yellow Rose and Red Rose
Gao's Sisters
A Warm Winter

Chapter Four Hourly Worker
A Firm Determination to Find You
A Daffodil
Tears Which Wet the World

Chapter Five How to Spend Your Twilight Years?
What Can I Do to Save You?
Spending the Remaining Years in a Happy Manner

Chapter Six Saving the Heart
The Butterfly Effect
I Do not Like Anyone in the World But You
A Big Eater
Bloody Fingers
A Swallow with Broken Wings

Chapter Seven The Furthest Distance
Chapter Eight Unceasing Love
Chapter Nine Light Spot: "Sisters" of Sunshine Sisters
Chapter Ten The Road to Become a Master
Chapter Eleven A Story of Three "Sisters" and Three Books
Chapter Twelve Crossing Mountains and Plains
Heroes of China's New Era: Sunshine Sisters The Story of Housekeeping Service