Heroes of China's New Era:Justin Yifu Lin A Legend of Diagnosing China's Economic Development

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Author: Liu Shiying;
Language: English
Page: 195
Publication Date: 08/2019
ISBN: 9787508536095
About Author
刘世英 (Liu Shiying), founder and CEO of the TV interview program Winner Book Club and a biographer of influential thinkers in economics and finance, has long been dedicated to case studies on successful entrepreneurs and enterprises. His works include Who Knows Jack Ma, Yang Weiguang's Years at CCTV, and When I am the Director of CCTV-Yang Weiguang in His Own Words.
Table of Contents
Preface A Legendary Chinese Economist Who Belongs to the World

Chapter One  A Risky "jump" from Smaller Self to Bigger Self
A Top Student Who Dropped out of School to Join the Army
Missing of the Star Officer
Name Changed: From Lin Zhengyi to Lin Yifu

Chapter Two Further Studies in Mainland China and in the United States
A Student of "Unknown Origin" Enrolled by Peking University
The Last Doctoral Student of Theodore W. Schultz

Chapter Three An Intelligent Economist and His Immeasurable Contributions in Agricultural Economics
His Heart Is Tied to China's Farmers
The Localized Study of Economic Issues

Chapter Four Marching Forward at Peking University
Establishment of CCER
The Notable Debates in Langrun Garden
A Great Teacher

Chapter Five Justin Yifu Lin: One of China's Most Influential Economic Advisors
An Economic Advisor to China's Top Leadership
A Dedicated Explorer of China's Agricultural Economics
An Academic Star Devoted to Diagnosing China's Economy

Chapter Six An Optimistic and Wise Explorer of China's Future
"Optimism Is My HabituaI Attitude"
"Exploration is My Constant Mission"
Lin's Incisive Diagnosis of China's Economic Development

Chapter Seven New Career at the World Bank
The First Chinese on the Marshall Lectures
A "Historic Decision" Made by the World Bank
First Step into the World Bank: A Busy Vice President
New Measures in Response to the Financial Crisis
Challenges for China's Economy
Composure towards Crises and Disasters
Nobel Prize: Chinese Economists' Aspiration

Chapter Eight "How I Long for Reunion!"
Chen Yunying, His Soul Mate of Life
Long Journey Home
The Initiator for Cross-strait Interactions
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Heroes of China's New Era:Justin Yifu Lin A Legend of Diagnosing China's Economic Development