Pep Up Your Chinese vol.1 Textbook with 1CD

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This is Volume One of Pep up Your Chinese series, including one textbook and one recording MP3. This volume has three units and 20 lessons in total. Unit One mainly teaches phonetics, and some Chinese characters as well. Lesson 1 introduces the Scheme of the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet; Lessons 2-10 offer drills of a variety of phonetic patterns, the most simple and common words, sentence patterns and grammar points. Unit Two and Three, with five lessons in each, teach the basic words, expressions and sentence patterns, covering topics in students' daily life and study. One lesson takes about four class hours of 40 minutes. Upon finishing this volume, the students will master about 400 words. A MP3 is accompanied, with recording of the phonetics, texts, new words and part of the exercises.


随书赠送录音MP3 1盘,录有语音、课文、生词及练习中的部分内容。

Pep Up Your Chinese vol.1 Textbook with 1CD