China'Roots:A Brief Introduction to Chinese Civilization

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Author: Li Dongfang;
Language: English
Page: 247
ISBN: 9787208088832
As the title suggests, the book describes how China and the Chinese people came to be what they are today through a chronological retelling of China's development from prehistoric to contemporary times.

It presents a broad framework of the nation's transition through various periods of history. Above this frame, the author selectively adds more detailed descriptions of the most notable events, persons. and cultural aspects, offering insight into things that have come to define China and the Chinese people. There are twelve chapters, including about 50 thousand words and 100 pictures in the book.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 A Big and Beautiful Country
Chapter 2 China During Stone Ages
Chapter 3 From Clans and Tribes to Tribal Kingdoms
Chapter 4 Vassal States during Middle Chou and Independenl Kingdoms during Late Chou
Chapter 5 A Great Empire under China and Han
Chapter 6 Warlords, Minority Chiefs, and Co-Existence of the South and the North
Chapter 7 The Second Great Empire under Sui and T'ang
Chapter 8 A Divided China during the Five Short Dynasties and the Two Sung Dynasties
Chapter 9 Yuan, Ming, and Ch'ing. The Republic
Chapter 10 Attainments in Technology and Science
Chapter 11 Achievements in the Arts
Chapter 12 Masterpieces in Literature
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China'Roots:A Brief Introduction to Chinese Civilization