Introduction to Chinese History and Culture

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Author: Dong Xiaobo;
Language: English
Page: 280
Publication Date: 08/2014
ISBN: 9787566310743
Table of Contents
Unit 1 Origins and History 1 
Text A Early Chinese History 1 
Text B The Qin and Han Dynasties 9 
Supplementary Reading The Qing Dynasty 15 
Unit 2 Territory and Environment 19 
Text A Territory of China 19 
Text B Geography of China 27 
Supplementary Reading China's Climate 35 
Unit 3 Language and Culture 41 
Text A Language of China 41 
Text B Mandarin 46 
Supplementary Reading Tea and the Chinese People 53 
Unit 4 Sports and Recreation 59 
Text A Theoretical Basis of Qigong 59 
Text B Kunqu Opera 63 
Supplementary Reading Tai Chi Chuan 68 
Unit 5 Major Cities 73 
Text A Shanghai 73 
Text B Hangzhou 77 
Supplementary Reading Hong Kong 83 
Unit 6 Education and Employment 87 
Text A Ancient Education in China 87 
Text B China's Employment Situation 94 
Supplementary Reading Basic Education in China 101 
Unit 7 Science and Technology 107 
Text A Four great inventions 107 
Text B Pharmacology 111 
Supplementary Reading Mathematics 117 
Unit 8 Traditional Holidays and Celebrations 123 
Text A Spring Festival 123 
Text B Mid—Autumn Festival 129 
Supplementary Reading Mazu Culture and Xunpu Women 135 
Unit 9 Tourism in China 141 
TextA Yunnan 141 
Text B Tibet 147 
Supplementary Reading Guilin 152 
Unit l0 Chinese Cuisine, Tea and Medicine 157 
Text A History of Chinese Imperial Food 157 
Text B Tea Culture in China 163 
Supplementary Reading Medicine of Ethnic Minorities 172 
Unit 11 Chinese Opera and MartialArts 179 
Text A Beijing Opera 179 
Text B Chinese Martial Arts 185 
Supplementary Reading Jackie Chan 191 
Unit 12 Religion and Philosophy 197 
TextA Religions in China 197 
Text B Lao Zi and His Philosophy 203 
Supplementary Reading Mo Zi and His Philosophy 207 
Unit 13 Scientist and Great Thinker 213 
TextA Hua Tuo 213 
Text B Confucius and His Thoughts 219 
Supplementary Reading Mencius and His Thoughts 224 
Unit 14 Cultural Heritage & Garden Architecture 229 
Text A The Summer Palace (Yiheyuan) 229 
Text B The Classical Gardens of Suzhou 237 
Supplementary Reading Hutong 242 
Unit 15 Reform & Development 247 
Text A Expo 2010 Shanghai China 247 
Text B Updated Policy Will Yield Win—Win Results for Foreign 
Investors and China 252 
Supplementary Reading: China Luxury Surge Pits L'Oreal Against Chiang Kai—Shek 
Descendent: Retail 258 
Key to the Exercises 265 
References 279
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Introduction to Chinese History and Culture