The History and Civilization of China

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This photograph album illustrates the history of China.
Table of Contents
The Sun Rises in the East-The Pre-historical Age
Bronze Age-The Xia, the Shang and the Zhou
Chasing the Deer on the Central Plains Seeking Control of the Empire-Spring and Autumn, and Warring States Periods
Great Unification of the Whole Country-Qin and han Dynasties
Progressing in Turbulence-The Wei, the jin, the Southern and Northern Dynasties
A Flourishing Age-The Sui, the Tang, the Five Dynasties
Competition and Unification-The Song, the Liao, the Xia, the Jin, and the Yuan
Centralization of State Power and Transformation of Social Pattern-the Ming Dynasty
The Brilliant Setting Sun-the Qing Dynasty
Tradition Awaited Renewal-Republic of China
Great Renewal of the Chinese Nation-The People's Republic of China
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The History and Civilization of China