Contemporary Chinese: 2 MP3 (For Beginners)

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2 MP3 Disk for textbook and exercise book

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by Peter Whiteley on 2014-01-31 02:43:54
The listening component of the Contemporary Chinese course is a necessary companion to the books for a native English speaker like me. It is helpful that everything is read out by both a male and female speaker one after the other. It was the only way I could "triangulate" some pronunciations, and this brings me to the issue I found with this the Contemporary Chinese course as a native English speaker. It would have helped me if the books and audio made COMPARISONS of initials' pronunciation with familiar English letter combinations. As in "qi sounds like chi" etc. I had the same problem in my Chinese class and had to ask the teacher to clarify the pronunciations of initials using similar sounding English letter combinations so i could comprehend the sound my mouth was meant to be making. Of course exact phonetic representations aren't available for all the initials, but for initials like "zh", "q" "x" it would have helped me wrap my head around the sound I was meant to be making. Due
by CHIARA on 2012-08-30 11:28:03
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Contemporary Chinese: 2 MP3 (For Beginners)