A Chef Master from the Hutong

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1
Gourmet Cuisine Has Particular Appeal to One Who
Has Known Hunger
Chapter 2
Maxim's and the Alley Wedding Feast
Chapter 3
From Unskilled Laborer to Head Chef
Chapter 4
The "Four Young Beijing Masters" of Chinese
Chapter 5
Aniseed Peas and Caobang-flavored Tofu
Chapter 6
The Taipei Reputation Maker
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
The Showdown Between Top-notch Chinese and
French Chefs
Chapter 9
Moved Beyond Measure When Giving a Lecture at Le
Cordon Bleu
Chapter 10
Doing Something for Future Chefs
Chapter 11
The Way Forward to New-swle Chinese
Chapter 12
Yami: Private Middle Class Banquets
Chapter 13
A Cooking Fanatic
Chapter 14
Delicious Dining Is a Chef's Supreme
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A Chef Master from the Hutong