Thirty Years Since the Opening : Up in China Chianges in Growthmode, Structure and System

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China's reform and opening up has been carried out for 30 years. It hasresulted in extensive and profound influences. This book was written to showsuch a great opening- up process. China's opening up is one important branch of my research, so it hasalways been my wish to summarize and review the 30 years' history. Part ofthe book was written one year before the official start of related studies.
Table of Contents
Chapter One 30 years since the opening - up of China: an overall description and a theoretical analysis
1.1 The history: the opening - up and the symbolic achievements of China
1.2 Upgrades in the structure and the growth, development of the reformed economy
1.3 The enjoyment of "Bonuses" by the global community and the benefits received by China
1.4 Opening - up allows for further revolution: the importance of China' s opening its gates to the outside world
Chapter Two Foreign trade development and economic growth
2.1 Total foreign trade growth and some characteristic stage variations
2.2 The structural change of foreign trade
2.3 Characteristics of China's foreign trade development: the salient influences of fullly foreign - owned enterprises and the processing trade
2.4 The growth, scale, and structure of service trade
 2.5 A simple quantitative analysis of the relationship between foreign trade and economic development
 2.6 The establishment and rising as a major country for foreign trade
Chapter Three Absorbing international resources and international investments: the meaning behind the disposition of key points in globalization
 3.1 The four stages and characteristics in the absorbing of international resources in China
 3.2 The status of international investment companies in the national economy
 3.3 The changes and status of China as the largest FDI country
 3.4 The fast increase jn ~ffshore direct investments and the rise of China as the motherland of investors
Chapter Four The opening - up and the advancement of competitiveness of the local industries
 4.1 The collisions upon local firms induced by import and FDI
 4.2 Some favorable factors to render the impacts from opening-up
4.3 The spillover effects of opening - up and its facilitating consequences
 4.4 Introduction of technology and exploitation of foreign markets, the case of electrical home appliance industry
 4.5 The new rise after the impact: the case of detergent industry
Chapter Five The opening-up encourages structural transformation
 5.1 Using opening - up to incite reform: a world model of successful structural
Chapter Six The opening-up of China's agriculture industry and the re-disposition of international division system in the world agriculture industry
Chapter Seven Opening up, competition and industry improvements: China's automobile industry as and example
Chapter Eight The logic of opening-up of China's financial industry
Chapter Nine The latest trend in economic globalization: international background of China's wider opening to the outside world
Chapter Ten New goal of opening-up: incrasing total factor productivity and perfecting the opening-up system
Appendix Big events in China's 30 years' reform and opening-up Epilogue
Thirty Years Since the Opening : Up in China Chianges in Growthmode, Structure and System