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ISBN: 9787802285705 | Published on 05/2008

Xinjiang: Stories of Warmth and Hospitality - Unforgettable Experience and Lifelong Friendship
ISBN: 9787510476945 | Published on 08/2023

Xinjiang: Beyond Race, Religion and Place of Origin: A Sequel to I Am from Xinjiang on the Silk Road
ISBN: 9787510461439 | Published on 06/2017

World Heritage Sites in Beijing
ISBN: 9787510406768 | Published on 12/2009
The Temple of Heaven, built in the first half of the 15th century, is a dignified complex of fine cult buildings set in gardens and surrounded by...

Working and Winning in China: World Fortune 500 CEOs Talk about China
ISBN: 9787802284975 | Published on 12/2007
When the Chinese market opened itself to the outside world, they came, stars in their eyes, from different countries and cultures, backed by the...

Women Entrepreneurs in China: Legendary Tales of Chinese Women
ISBN: 9787510470776 | Published on 05/2020

Why and How the CPC Works in China
ISBN: 9787510436598 | Published on 12/2012
This book presents, from a historical perspective, analyses and responses to 15 important questions that both domestic and international audiences...

Why and How The CPC Works in China
ISBN: 9787510418822,7510418828 | Published on 07/2011 | Reviews:
Preface Solving the puzzles about the CPC:Chapter 1,Why was the CPC capable of establishing a new China?The ""two worlds"" of a...

Why and How The CPC Works in China
ISBN: 9787510463099 | Published on 07/2017 | Reviews:

What's in a Chinese Character Chinese-English edition
ISBN: 9787510458897 | Published on 12/2016
This fascinating book uses cartoons by Tan Huay Peng to illustrate the origin and development of Chinese characters to their present form. The...

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