China's Urbanization: Migration by the Millions

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Author: Xie Chuntao;
Language: English
Format: 22.4 x 15 x 2.2 cm
Page: 236
Publication Date: 11/2014
ISBN: 9787510452130
Publisher: New World Press
Table of Contents
Chapter One The Long Process of Urbanization 
Prosperity and Civilization in Ancient Chinese Cities 
The Rise of Modern Industrial and Commercial Cities 
The Tortuous Path of the PRC's Urbanization Drive 
Acceleration of the Urbanization Process in Post—reform China 
Prospects of China's Urbanization 
Chapter Two Builders of Modernized Cities 
Sweat and Contribution 
Bewilderment and Growth 
Change and Vision 
Chapter Three Changes in the Hukou System 
Barriers That Need to Be Broken Through 
No Return 
Strengthening of Top—level Design 
Chapter Four Urbanization of Farmers 
Surging Tides of Migrant Workers 
The Dream of Settling Down in the City 
Improving the Quality of Life for Migrant Workers 
Chapter Five Distribution of Proceeds from Value—added Land 
Termination of the “Land for Development” Model 
Land Empowerment—Seeking a Breakthrough in the Exploration Process 
Comprehensive Land Management—from Regionalized to Centralized Approach 
Distribution of the Proceeds of Value—added Land—Sharing the Benefits of Prosperity Through Competition 
Land Reform and Urbanization 
Chapter Six Leaving Home for Jobs Close to Home 
The High Cost of Home Leaving 
Recurrence of Leaving Home for Jobs Close to Home 
Local Urbanization 
Chapter Seven Integration of Urban and Rural Development 
Let Farming Become a Decent Career Choice 
Let the Farmers' Property Increase in Value 
Equal Pay for Equal Work 
Realize People—oriented Urbanization
China's Urbanization: Migration by the Millions