Learn Chinese through Music 1 (With 1CD-ROM)

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1. Learn Chinese through Music Target Audience: This book can be considered as a special textbook for learning Chinese via classical Chinese songs that is to be utilized by Chinese language departments. It can also be used as a self-learning guide or handbook for foreign students.

2. Characteristics (1) Select the popular, classical music songs in China, including national folk music, pop music and Children's rhyme, etc, with English translation and Chinese Pinyin for easy learning. (2) Learn Chinese culture and Chinese music via Chinese songs. Through the interesting Chinese songs you will become quickly addicted to Chinese music, and to the variety and depth of Chinese culture. (3) Listen to the Graceful melody of the selected songs with easy-to-learn music.The CD-ROM formats of the selected songs have been attached for the reader's convenience. (4) The exquisite and colorful pictures will help you enjoy your experince.


Table of Contents
第一课  月充代表我钓心.   
Lesson One The moon represents my heart   
第二课  春天在哪里   
LeSSon Two Where is spring   
第三课  歌声与微笑   
Lesson Three Song and smile   
第四课  茉莉花   
Lesson Four Jasmine flower   
第五课  敖包相会   
Lesson Five  Aobao Date   
第六课  大泽呀,故乡   
Lesson Six Oh sea! Hometown   
第七课  种太阳   
Lesson Seven Sow Suns   
第八课  花儿为什么这样红   
Lesson Eight Why are flowers sored   
Lesson Nine Sweet 
第十课  吉祥三宝..   
Lesson Ten The lucky family   
第十一课  马车夫之歌   
Lesson Eleven The  art driver's song   
第十二课  康定情歌   
Lesson Twelve The kangding towns love song   
第十三课  阿拉木汗   
Lesson Thirteen Alamuhan   
第十四课  家乡   
Lesson Fourteen Hometown   
第十五课  夜来香   
Lesson Fifteen Night willow herb   
第十六课  爱的奉献   
Lesson Sixteen Loves dedication...
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Learn Chinese through Music 1 (With 1CD-ROM)