From Grasslands to College: A Tibetan Boy's Journey

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Vivid memories from a contemporary Tibetan childhood interwoven with custom and culture… The author begins with his first memory of childhood - a broken collarbone. Ghosts, a visit to a nomad village community, apprehending a thief, making sausages, starting school, mountain deities, first love.., all combine to provide an unforgettable journey through space and time, giving the reader an extraordinary insight into Tibetan childhood.

About the Author

I was born in 1984 in my father’s home in Chewree Village, very near the present Zhanggo (Luhuo) County Town, Gahnzee Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. I am currently a student in the English Program in Qinghai Nationalities Teacher’s College, Qinghai University. I began to learn English in 2002. This is my first book.
In the summer vacation of 2004, Dr. Kevin Stuart encouraged me to write about my life. I then wrote about all the important events that I could remember in my life.

Media Recommendation

"An amazing story about one person's desire to keep his language and culture alive. Would that there were more like him!"
-- David Bradley, La Trobe University

"A charming and guileless first-hand account of a boy's coming of age in a contemporary Tibetan village. A must-read for seeking insight into this still-mysterious land and its people."
-- Lewis M. Simons, Pulitzer-winning journalist

"Authentic voices of talented young Tibetan writers are beginning to be heard after a long and painful silence. Gongboo Sayrung's is one such voice--lucid, sensitive, and penetrating. The story of his Tibetan childhood rings both poignant and true."
-- Richard Baum, Director, UCLA Center for Chinese Studies

"An absolutely transfixing and unique autobiographical account of a contemporary childhood that educates us about the realities of ordinary Tibetan life in China by a genuine local voice."
-- Kevin Stuart, Qinghai Normal University

From Grasslands to College: A Tibetan Boy's Journey