Friends: Chinese Graded Readers Level 5: The Knack of Learning Chinese (with 1 MP3)

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: 19.4 x 12.4 x 1 cm
Page: 30
Publication Date: 03/2015
ISBN: 9787561941300

Level: Intermediate ; College ,Adults

Friends is a set of Chinese graded readers fornon-native Chinese students, which can be used both in and out of the class forreaders of all ages. This bookis written for adults, suitable for students whose Chinese proficiency reachesNew HSK Level 5 and who have mastered 2,500 words. It includes 10 essays, talkingabout personal life, hobbies, and Chinese learning experiences, etc. in smoothprose and with true feelings. After reading this book,students can understand slightly complicated language materials on multipletopics used in different situations, pinpoint important facts and details, andgrasp the structure of a text.

Usage Advice: New HSK Level 5, command of 2,500 words

About the Author
Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters, as a publicinstitution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education, is committed toproviding Chinese language and cultural teaching resources and services worldwide.It goes all out in meeting the demands of foreign Chinese learners andcontributing to the development of multiculturalism and the building of aharmonious world.

Table of Contents

Studying Chinese in My Seventies
The Knack of Learning Chinese
The Reasons Why I Learn Chinese
Chinese Martial Arts and I
A Childhood Anecdote
Which Country Are You from?
My Chinese Girlfriend
Recalling Two Chinese Friends
The Interesting Differences between
China and France
My China Dream

Friends: Chinese Graded Readers Level 5: The Knack of Learning Chinese (with 1 MP3)