The Form on New Interpretation of Classics: The English Version of Lunyu

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Author: Fan Hao;
Language: English
Format: 23.6 x 16.8 x 1.4 cm
Page: 303
Publication Date: 08/2017
ISBN: 9787520301572
Table of Contents
Language and Text
1.The English-language Analects and Teaching Chinese Studies:
Some Reflections on Lesser-known Twentieth Century
Tra n slatio n s
2.Constructing Confucius confronting contingency in the Lunyu and the Gongyang zhuan
3.Teaching Lunyu from the National University of the Liang to the Periphery of the Tang Empire
4.Delinquent Fathers and Philology:/unyu 13.18 and Related Texts
5.On "Dao" and "Virtue"
Virtue and New Explanation of the Concept
6.On Internal Ontogenesis of Virtues in the Analects:
A Conceptual Analysis
7.Ran,g or Yielding in Respect:Reflections on a Confucian Virtue and
Its Relevance in the Cross-Strait Realpolitik
8.On the Mutually Acceptable Elements between Laozi's Ziran and Confucius's Ren
9.Ren(仁) in the Analects(Lunyu) :Sceptical Prolegomena

Morality and Re-interpretation of Belief
10.From the Universal to the Particular
-Way,Virtue and Practical Skills in the Analects
11.A Spiritual Turn in Philosophy:Rethinking the Clobal Significance of Confucian Humanism
12.Confucian Co-creative Ethics: Self and Family
13.The Construct of Heavenly Principle and the Faith in Heavenly Principlein the Analects

Wisdom and Modern Connotation
14.Philosophy and Contemporary Value of the Analect:Speech at King's College, London
15.The Wisdom of Administration in The An,alects of Confucius
16.The Analects of Confucius and Rebuilding of Modern People's Spirit
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The Form on New Interpretation of Classics: The English Version of Lunyu