Getting to Know Confucius - A New Translation of The Analects

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Author: Lin Wusun;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover, 195*125mm
Page: 359
Publication Date: 03/2010
ISBN: 9787119061658
The Analects, known as a classic on Confucius' teachings and experiences, was compiled by his disciples and second-generation disciples during the Spring and Autumn Period (722-480BC) in Chinese history. It is comprised of 20 separate "books", which are broken down into 492 passages. Though many of the passages are short, they often carry profound meaning.
For more than two thousand years, The Analects and Confucian thought have had an immeasurable impact on the Chinese people and Chinese culture. Confucian tradition constitutes the core and bedrock of the Chinese civilization, consistently making an impact on the development of China throughout history. Though Chinese students today no longer recite the Four Books and Five Classics, Confucian thought is still subtly influencing the ethos of the Chinese people. Confucianism is still very much alive with its positive values concerning society and ethics.
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Getting to Know Confucius - A New Translation of The Analects