Great Mathematics Books of The Twentieth Century: A Personal Journey

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In this book, we list and introduce some interesting, important or useful mathematics books. Most selected books were published during the twentieth century. For the convenience of the reader, we have arranged books according to topics. Besides some introductions and comments, we also quote from informative reviews of these books from sources including MathSciNet, Zentralblatt Math and the Bulletin of the American Mathematica Society. A common way for people to pick out books to read is to follow recommendations of either book reviews or experts. The list of books is probably the most interesting part of this book, Once the titles or authors' names are known, it is relatively easy to find valuable information and reviews about the book from many different sources (but it might take some efforts to find good books on subjects outside one's expertise.) In spite of this, we hope that additional information provided here about these books might be helpful and convenient.
Table of Contents
2、Expository Books On Mathematics And Mathematicians
2.1 Popular And Expository Books On Mathematics
2.1.1 R. Courant, H.Robbins, What Is Mathematics? Oxford University Press, New York, 1941. Xix+521 Pp
2.1.2 A.D. Aleksandrov, A.N. Kolmogorov, M.A. Lavrent'ev, Mathematics: Its Content, Methods, And Meaning. Vol.I, Vol. Ii, Vol. Iii, The M.I.T. Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1963, Xi+359 Pp.; Xi+377 Pp.; Xi+356 Pp.. Translated By S.H. Gould And T. Bartha; S.H. Gould; K. Hirsch
2.1.3 G. P'Olya, How To Solve It. A New Aspect Of Mathematical Method. Expanded Version Of The 1988 Edition, With A New Foreword By John H. Conway, Princeton Science Library, Princeton University Press, 2004. Xxviii+253 Pp
2.1.4 G.H. Hardy, A Mathematician's Apology, With A Foreword By C.P. Snow, Reprint Of The 1967 Edition, Canto, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1992
2.1.5 J.E. Littlewood, Littlewood's Miscellany, Edited And With A Foreword By Bola Bollobas, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1986. Vi+200 Pp
2.1.6 Autobiographies Of Mathematicians
2.1.7 H. Weyl, Symmetry. Reprint Of The 1952 Original. Princeton Science Library. Princeton University Press, Princeton, N.J.,1989
2.1.8 D. Hilbert, S. Cohn-Vossen, Geometry And The Imagination, American Mathematical Society, 1, 1999. 357 Pages
2.2 Biographies Of Mathematicians And History Of Mathematics
2.2.1 E.T. Bell, Men Of Mathematics, Touchstone, 1986. 608 Pages
7、Number Theory
8、Differential Equations
9、Lie Theories
10、Mathematical Physics, Dynamical Systems And Ergodic Theory
11、Discrete Mathematics And Combinatorics
12、Probability And Applications
13、Foundations Of Math, Computer Science, Numerical Math
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Great Mathematics Books of The Twentieth Century: A Personal Journey