Gourmet Culture

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Table of Contents
第一部分 饮食
中国饮食知多少? How Much Do You Know About Chinese Cuisine? / 2
中国菜的命名 How Chinese Dishes are Named / 7
中国饮食中的五行学说 “The Five Elements” in Chinese Cooking / 12
中国饮食中的阴阳 Yin and Yang in Chinese Cuisine / 17
孔子与饮食 Confucius and Diet / 22
走向世界的中国饮食 Chinese Food tothe World / 27
外国人眼中的中国日常饮食习惯 Chinese Everyday Eating Customs in a Foreigner's Eyes / 32
宫廷饮食 Imperial Cuisine / 37
中国的八大菜系 Eight Cuisines of China / 42
满汉全席 Manhan Quanxi / 47
春节美食 Chinese New Year's Delicacies / 52
又是粽子飘香时 Fragrant Zongzi/ 57
品味团圆月饼 Savoring Round Moon Cakes / 62
腊八粥 Laba Porridge / 67
经久不衰的饺子 Long-lasting Charm of Jiaozi / 72
从不对面条说“不” Always a Nod to Noodles / 77
纵横南北的包子 Baozi, Across China / 82
柔软光滑的豆腐 Silky Tofu / 87
街边美味——小吃 Delicacies Along the Street-Xiaochi / 92
绚烂的少数民族饮食 Splendid Ethnic Cuisines / 97
电影中的中国美食 Chinese Food-Depicted Movies / 102
中国老字号饭店 China's Time-Honoured Brand Restaurants / 107
中国食疗 Chinese Food Therapy / 112
筷子,饮食文明的承载者 Chopsticks, Carrier of Eating Civilization / 117

第二部分 茶文化
中国茶的历史 History of Chinese Tea / 124
中国茶的分类 Classification of Chinese Tea / 129
饮茶的习俗 Tea-Drinking Customs / 134
中国茶具 Chinese Tea Sets / 139
功夫茶 Kungfu Tea / 144
茶与保健 Tea and Healthcare / 149
茶与少数民族 Tea and Ethnic Groups / 154
茶马古道 The Tea-Horse Road / 159
中国茶馆 Chinese Teahouses / 164
中国历史名人的茶事趣谈 Celebritiesand Tea in Chinese History / 169
中国形形色色的茶饮料 Diverse Tea Drinks in China / 174

第三部分 酒文化
芳香悠久的中国酒 Long-standing
Aromatic Chinese Liquor / 180
中国酒器的演变 Evolution of Chinese
Alcohol-Drinking Vessels / 185
饮酒习俗 Customs of Alcoholic Drinking / 190
酒令面面观 Jiuling / 195
中国国酒——茅台 Maotai-NationalLiquor of China / 200
液体蛋糕——黄酒 Liquid Cake-Huangjiu / 205
百年张裕 100-odd Years' History of Changyu / 210
历史悠久的干杯 Ganbei, Through Ages / 215
酒林轶事 Liquor-Related Anecdotes / 220
酒类饮品与养生 Alcoholic Drinks and Healthcare / 225
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Sample pages of Gourmet Culture (ISBN:9787561155332,7561155336)

Sample pages of Gourmet Culture (ISBN:9787561155332,7561155336)

The first references to yin and yang come from The I Ching. Taken literally, yin and yang mean the shady side and sunny side of a hill. People commonly think of yin and yang as opposing forces. However, it is more appropriate to view them as a complementary pair. The Chinese believe problems arise not when the two forces are battling, but when there is an imbalance between them in the environment. Floods, divorce, or even a fire in the kitchen——can all be the result of disharmony in the forces of yin and yang. How does the concept of yin and yang relate to food? A basic adherence to this philosophy can be found in any Chinese dish, from stir-fried beef with broccoli to sweet and sour pork. There is always a balance in colors, flavors, and textures.
Gourmet Culture