Erya Chinese - Business Chinese: Advanced Conversation II (with CD)

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Author: Liu Liyin;
Language: Chinese
Format: 2013-03
Page: 168
Publication Date: 01/2013
ISBN: 9787561934548
Series: Erya Chinese
Usage Advice
4 class hours for each of the 18 lessons
Business Chinese: Advanced Conversation is a set of business textbooks for undergraduates majoring in the Chinese language, suitable for foreigners who have master 3,500-4,000 common Chinese words and basic Chinese grammar. It enables students to participate in general business activities using Chinese, helping them learn the basic etiquette needed in doing business, get familiar with the primary articles in international trade contracts and learn to settle or claim compensation pursuant to relevant laws, regulations or international conventions. By using this set of textbooks, students can also get some common knowledge about types of trading and contracts and learn to give oral reports on market research, development and survey. This series has a total of 18 units divided into three volumes, each with six units. This is Book Ⅱ.
About the Author(s)
Ms. Liu Liying is an associate professor and a tutor of postgraduates in the College of Chinese Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University, who has been engaged in teaching Chinese as a foreign language since 1977. Ms. Liu has compiled or participated in the compilation of several textbooks of business Chinese, including Basic Business Talks.
Table of Contents
第1单元 绿色通行证
第2单元 互惠互利
第3单元 诚信至上
第4单元 同喜同贺
第5单元 实地考察
第6单元 水落石出
Erya Chinese - Business Chinese: Advanced Conversation II (with CD)