China Monthly Economic Indicators Supplement - Statistics Compilation for 30 Years of Reform

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In order to vigorously promote the reform and opening up 30 years of glorious achievements, the Chinese economy to be published monthly magazine "China's economic boom Monthly Supplement - 30 years of reform and opening up the compilation of statistical information." Magazine since 1978 brings together the country's social, economic, science and technology, education and culture statistics, and calculate the main economic indicators of 30-year average growth rate, objective, comprehensive display of reform and opening up 30 years of China's social progress, economic development and cultural prosperity of the historical process. At the same time, "supplement" a collection of the world's 12 major developed and developing countries since 1978, the main statistical indicators data, and in 2007 the Group of 20 major statistical information and bit at the world through more objective information to display Chinese international economic status and influence the development and changes. "Supplement" to the statistics course record of reform and opening up, the information comprehensive, authoritative, are understanding of China to study China's important references. "Supplement" in both Chinese and English bilingual publication, binding design solemn, beautiful, elegant, with valuable collections.

Main elements:

1, Preface: "Chinese figure three decades"

Second, the national chapter

(1) article: The great development of reform and opening up - a comprehensive detailed statistical information based on the integrated display of China's reform and opening splendid accomplishments.

(B) Statistics: 1978 (or to carry out the reference year) since the national economic, social, scientific, technological, educational and cultural key statistical information and key indicators calculated the average annual growth rate. Include: administrative divisions, national accounts, population, employment and wages, fixed assets investment, energy, finance, price index, the people living in urban Overview, environmental protection, agriculture, industry, construction, transport and post and telecommunications, domestic trade foreign trade and economic cooperation, tourism, financial services, education and science and technology, culture and sports and health, social security.

Three, regional papers:

(1) color: GIS icon with 30 years development and changes in various regions of China.

(B) regional statistics: Since 1978 China's 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities of the region's GDP, total fixed asset investment of total retail sales of consumer goods, import and export volume, per capita income of rural residents, urban residents disposable income and other indicators of absolute volume and the average annual growth rate.

Fourth, the international papers:

(1) article: China's international economic position and influence to enhance the

(B) International statistics: Since 1978 the world brought together 12 major developed and developing countries and regional economic and social statistics, including the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Italy, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Chinese Hong Kong, India, Russia, Brazil.

Appendix 1: Group of 20 economic development status quo (article)

Appendix II: Group of Twenty in 2007 and the major economic indicators in the world ranking

Appendix Three: Main Statistical Indicators
Table of Contents
一、改革開放30年:大改革 大開放 大發展
Intensive Reforms, Opening Widely to the Outside World and Great Development Achieved in the Past Thirty Years Since 1978
二、全國篇 National Statistics
1-1-1  全國行政區劃(年底數)
       Divisions of Administrative Areas in China (at the Year-end)
1-2-1  國內生產總值
Gross Domestic Product
1-2-2  國內生產總值構成                        
       Composition of Gross Domestic Product
1-2-3  國內生產總值指數    (上年=100)                            
       Indices of Gross Domestic Product    (preceding year=100)
1-2-4  國內生產總值指數    (1978=100)                                
       Indices of Gross Domestic Product    (1978=100)
1-2-5  第三產業增加值                                
       Value-added of the Tertiary Industry            
1-2-6  第三產業增加值構成                                
       Composition of Value-added of the Tertiary Industry        
1-2-7  第三產業增加值指數     (上年=100)                                
       Indices of Value-added of the Tertiary Industry    (preceding year=100)
1-2-8  第三產業增加值指數     (1978=100)                                
       Indices of Value-added of the Tertiary Industry    (1978=100)            
1-2-9  三次產業貢獻率                                
       Share of the Contributions of the Three Strata of Industry to the Increase of the GDP            
1-2-10 三次產業對國內生產總值增長的拉動                                
       Contribution of the Three Strata of Industry to GDP Growth            
1-2-11 支出法國內生產總值                                
       Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure Approach            
1-2-12 支出法國內生產總值結構                                            
       Components of Gross Domestic Product by Expenditure Approach    
1-2-13 三大需求對國內生產總值增長的貢獻率和拉動                        
       Contribution Share and Contribution of the Three Components of GDP to the Growth of GDP        
1-2-14 居民消費水準                                        
       Household Consumption Expenditure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
1-3-1  人口數及構成
Population and Its Composition
1-4-1  按城鄉分就業人員數(年底數)
Number of Employed Persons at Year-end in Urban and Rural Areas
1-4-2  按三次產業分就業人員數(年底數)
       Number of Employed Persons at Year-end by Three Strata of Industry
1-4-3  按行業分就業人員數(年底數)
       Number of Employed Persons at Year-end by Sector
1-4-4  按登記註冊類型分職工人數                    
       Number of Staff and Workers at Year-end by Status of Registration        
1-4-5  城鎮單位就業人員勞動報酬和指數
       Earning of Employed Persons in Urban Units and Related Indices
1-4-6  按登記註冊類型分城鎮單位就業人員平均勞動報酬                    
       Average Earning of Employed Persons in Urban Units by Status of Registration                    
1-4-7  職工工資總額和指數
       Total Wages Bill of Staff and Workers and Related Indices
1-4-8  按登記註冊類型分職工平均工資                    
       Average Wages of Staff and Workers by Status of Registration            
1-5-1  全社會固定資產投資                            
       Total Investment in Fixed Assets in the Whole Country                
1-5-2  全社會固定資產投資資金來源和按構成分固定資產投資        
Sources of Funds for Investment and Structure of Investment in Fixed Assets                        
in the Whole Country            
1-5-3  全社會住宅投資                    
       Total Investment in Residential Buildings in the Whole Country             
1-5-4  全社會施工、竣工房屋面積和價值                                    
       Value and Floor Space of Buildings under Construction and Completed in the Whole Country                                                     
1-5-5  按資金來源和隸屬關係分城鎮固定資產投資                            
       Sources of Funds and Investement in Fixed Assets by Jurisdiction of Management in Urban Area        
1-5-6  按構成和建設性質分城鎮固定資產投資                            
       Investment in Fixed Assets in Urban Area by Composition of Funds and Type of Construction            
1-5-7  城鎮施工、竣工房屋建築面積和價值                                
       Value and Floor Space of Buildings under Construction and Buildings Completed in Urban Area         
1-5-8  農村農戶固定資產投資和建房                                
       Fixed Assets Investment and Buildings Construction by Rural Households
1-5-9  房地產開發企業(單位)個數                        
       Number of Enterprises for Real Estate Development        
1-5-10 房地產開發企業(單位)從業人員數                        
       Number of Employed Persons in Enterprises for Real Estate Development    
1-5-11 房地產開發企業 (單位)土地開發及購置                            
       Land Development and Purchase of Enterprises for Real Estate Development
1-5-12 按用途分房地產開發企業(單位)投資完成額                            
       Investment Actually Completed by Enterprises for Real Estate Development by Use        
1-5-13 房地產開發企業(單位)資金來源                        
       Sources of Funds of Enterprises for Real Estate Development    
1-5-14 房地產開發企業(單位)建設房屋建築面積和造價                        
       Floor Space and Cost of Buildings Developed by Enterprises for Real Estate Development        
1-5-15 按用途分房地產開發企業(單位)新開工房屋面積                                
Floor Space of Newly-Started Buildings by Enterprises for Real Estate                                   
Development by Use
1-5-16 按用途分商品房屋銷售面積和銷售額                                         
Floor Space Saled and Total Sales of Commercial Buildings by Use
1-5-17 按用途分商品房屋平均銷售價格                                
       Average Selling Price of Commercial Buildings by Use                
1-5-18 房地產開發企業(單位)資產負債                                
       Assets and Liabilities of Enterprises for Real Estate Development        
1-5-19 房地產開發企業(單位)經營情況                            
       Operating Statistics on Enterprise for Real Estate Development            
1-6-1  能源生產總量及構成                    
       Total Production of Energy and Its Composition            
1-6-2  能源消費總量及構成                    
       Total Consumption of Energy and Its Composition                    
1-6-3  能源生產彈性係數                    
       Elasticity Ratio of Energy Production                
1-6-4  能源消費彈性係數                    
       Elasticity Ratio of Energy Consumption        
1-6-5  能源加工轉換效率                
       Efficiency of Energy Conversion            
1-6-6  平均每天能源消費量                                        
       Average Daily Energy Consumption    
1-6-7  生活能源消費量                                
       Average Annual Energy Consumption of Households        
1-6-8  人均生活能源消費量                            
       Average Per Capita Energy Consumption of Households            
1-7-1  國家財政收支總額及增長速度                    
       Total Amount and Growth Rate of Government Revenue and Expenditure
1-7-2  各項稅收                            
1-7-3  中央和地方財政收入及比重                    
       Government Revenue and Ratio of the Central and Local Governments             
1-7-4  中央和地方財政支出及比重                    
     Government Expenditure and Ratio of the Central and Local Governments     
1-7-5  外債餘額                                        
       Outstanding of External Debts        
1-8-1  各種價格指數                            
       Price Indices                
1-8-2  各種價格定基指數                            
       Fixed-base Price Indices                
1-8-3  按工業部門分工業品出廠價格指數                                
       Producer Price Indices for Manufactured Goods by Sector        
1-8-4  工業品出廠價格分類指數                                        
       Ex-Factory Price Indices of Industrial Products        
1-8-5  原材料、燃料、動力購進價格指數                                    
       Purchasing Prices Indices for Raw Materials, Fuels and Power            
1-8-6  房地產價格指數                                    
       Price Indices for Real Estate            
1-9-1     城鄉居民家庭人均收入及恩格爾係數                                 
Per Capita Annual Income and Engle's Coefficient of Urban and Rural       Households            
1-9-2     城鄉居民人民幣儲蓄存款                        
       Savings Deposit of Urban and Rural Households        
1-9-3  城鄉新建住宅面積和居民住房情況                
       Floor Space of Newly Built of Residential Buildings and Housing Conditions of Urban and Rural Residents        
1-10-1 全國城市公用事業                        
       Basic Statistics on City Public Utilities        
       Basic Statistics on Urban Public Utilities (cont’d)    
1-10-2 全國城市設施水準                    
       Level of National Municipal Public Facilities                         
1-11-1 全國環境保護基本情況                        
       Basic Statistics on Environmental Protection                 
1-11-2 水資源情況                                    
       Water Resources        
1-11-3 供水用水情況                                        
       Water Supply and Water Use        
1-11-4 造林面積                                
       Area of Afforestation            
1-11-5 林業重點工程造林面積                                
       Area of Key Afforestation Projects        
1-11-6 地質災害及防治情況                                            
       Geological Disasters and Prevention and Cure            
1-11-7 森林火災情況                        
       Forest Fires        
1-11-8 環境污染與破壞事故情況                                
       Environment Pollution and Destruction Accidents        
1-11-9 工業污染治理投資完成情況                                
       Investment Completed in the Treatment of Industrial Pollution        
1-12-1 農、林、牧、漁業總產值及指數                                        
       Gross Output Value and Indices of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
1-12-2 主要農業機械擁有量 (年底數)                                                               
Major Agricultural Machinery (at the Year-end    )        
1-12-3 有效灌溉面積、農用化肥施用量、農村水電站及用電量                                      
Irrigated Area, Consumption of Chemical Fertilizers and Rural Hydropower Stations and Electricity Consumption in Rural Areas                    
1-12-4 農村居民家庭平均每百戶擁有主要生產性固定資產數量 (年底數)                        
Number of Major Productive Fixed Assets Per 100 Rural Households (at the Year-end)    
1-12-5 農作物總播種面積                                            
       Total Sown Areas of Farm Crops            
1-12-6 主要農產品產量                                
       Output of Major Farm Products        
       Output of Major Farm Products (cont'd)        
1-12-7 主要林產品產量                            
       Output of Major Forest Products    
1-12-8 畜產品產量                            
       Output of Livestock Products        
1-12-9 水產品產量                                    
       Output of Aquatic Products                
1-12-10 農村居民家庭平均每人出售主要農產品                            
        Per Capita Major Farm Products Sold by Rural Households                
1-12-11 農村居民家庭平均每人出售主要畜產品及水產品                                     
Sales of Livestock, Poultry, Small Animals and Fishery Per Capita Rural Household     
1-12-12 受災面積和成災面積                            
        Areas Covered and Affected by Natural Disaster            
1-13-1  規模以上工業企業主要指標                         
        Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size            
        Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size (cont'd)    
1-13-2 國有及國有控股工業企業主要指標                                    
Main Indicators of State-owned and State-holding Industrial Enterprises by Industrial Sector        
1-13-3 私營工業企業主要指標                                    
       Main Indicators of Private Industrial Enterprises    
1-13-4 外商投資和港澳臺商投資工業企業主要指標                                   
Main Indicators of Industrial Enterprises with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan                           
and Foreign Funds            
1-13-5 大中型工業企業主要指標                                    
       Main Indicators of Large and Medium-sized Industrial Enterprises        
1-13-6 主要工業產品產量                                     
       Output of Major Industrial Products     
       Output of Major Industrial Products (cont'd)        
1-14-1 建築業企業概況                        
       Main Indicators on Construction Enterprises    
1-14-2 建築業房屋建築面積                        
       Floor Space of Buildings Constructed by Construction Enterprises        
1-15-1 運輸線路長度                                
       Length of Transportation Routes            
1-15-2 客運量                                
       Passenger Traffic            
1-15-3 旅客周轉量                                
1-15-4 貨運量                                        
       Freight Traffic        
1-15-5 貨物周轉量                                        
       Freight Ton-Kilometers        
1-15-6 汽車擁有量                                    
       Possession of Vehicles        
1-15-7 民用運輸船舶擁有量                            
       Possession of Civil Transport Vessels        
1-15-8 私人運輸船舶擁有量                            
       Possession of Private Transport Vessels        
1-15-9 郵電業務量                            
       Bussiness Volume of Postal and Telecommunication Services        
1-15-9 郵電業務量(續)                            
       Bussiness Volume of Postal and Telecommunication Services(cont'd)     
1-15-10 郵政局所數及郵遞線路(年底數)                    
        Postal Offices and Postal Delivery Routes at Year-end                    
1-16-1 社會消費品零售總額                            
       Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods
1-17-1 人民幣匯率(年平均價)                
       Reference Exchange Rate of Renminbi (Period Average)            
1-17-2 貨物進出口總額                        
       Total Value of Imports and Exports    
1-17-3 按貿易方式分貨物進出口總額                        
       Total Value of Imports and Exports by Customs Regime            
1-17-4 歷年出口貨物分類金額                            
       Exports Value by Category of Commodities    
1-17-5 歷年進口貨物分類金額                            
       Imports Value by Category of Commodities                            
1-17-6 利用外資概況                                
       Utilization of Foreign Capital        
1-17-7 對外經濟合作                        
       Economic Cooperation with Foreign Countries or Regions    
1-18-1 全國國際旅遊情況                            
       International Tourism        
1-18-2 全國國內旅遊情況                    
       Statistics of Domestic Tourism    
1-19-1 金融機構現金投放與回籠                    
       Currency Issued and Withdrawn of Financial Institutions        
1-19-2 黃金和外匯儲備                    
       Gold and Foreign Exchange Reserves        
1-19-3 貨幣供應量 (年底餘額)                                
       Money Supply (at the Year-end)         
1-19-4 貨幣供應量同比增長率                                
       Rate of Increase of Money Supply Over the Previous Corresponding Period
1-19-5 國際收支概況                                    
       General Statistics on Balance of Payments        
1-20-1 各級各類學校數                                
       Number of Schools by Level and Type
1-20-2 各級各類學校專任教師數                                
       Number of Full-time Teachers by Level and Type of School        
1-20-3 各級各類學校招生數                            
       Number of New Students Enrollment by Level and Type of School        
1-20-4 各級各類學校在校學生數                                
       Number of Students Enrollment by Level and Type of School    
1-20-5 各級各類學校畢業生數                            
       Number of Graduates by Level and Type of School            
1-20-6 研究生和留學生數                    
       Number of Postgraduates and Students Studying Abroad        
1-20-7 學齡兒童入學率和各級普通學校畢業生升學率                
       Net Enrollment Ratio of Primary Schools and Promotion Rate of Various Schools         
1-21-1 文化、文物單位數                    
       Number of Institutions for Culture and Cultural Relics    
1-21-2 攝製電影片產量                    
       Film Production        
1-21-3 圖書、期刊和報紙出版情況                        
       Number of Books, Magazines and Newspapers Published in China    
1-21-4 運動員獲世界冠軍情況                        
       World Championships Won by Chinese Athletes                
1-21-5 衛生機構數                                    
       Number of Health Institutions        
1-21-6 衛生機構人員數                    
       Number of Employed Persons in Health Institutions            
1-21-7 衛生機構床位數                        
       Number of Beds in Health Institutions    
1-21-8 按市縣分衛生機構床位數和衛生技術人員                                                   
Beds and Medical Technical Personnel in Health Institutions by City and County Areas    
1-22-1 社會保險基金收支及累計結餘                        
       Revenue, Expenses and Balance of Social Insurance Fund    
1-22-2 參加基本養老保險人數                                
       Number of People Covered by Basic Pension Insurance        
1-22-3 社會保險基本情況                                
       Basic Statistics of Social Insurance    
1-22-4 婚姻登記和離婚情況                            
       Number of Marriages and Divorces                

三、地區篇Regional Statistics
中國區域經濟地圖  Maps of China’s Regional Economy
2-1  北京市主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Beijing                        
2-2  天津市主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Tianjin
2-3  河北省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Hebei
2-4  山西省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Shanxi    
2-5  內蒙古自治區主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Inner Mongolia
2-6  遼寧省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Liaoning                                    
2-7  吉林省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Jilin        
2-8  黑龍江省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Heilongjiang
2-9  上海市主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Shanghai    
2-10 江蘇省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Jiangsu    
2-11 浙江省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Zhejiang    
2-12 安徽省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Anhui        
2-13 福建省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Fujian            
2-14 江西省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Jiangxi        
2-15 山東省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Shandong            
2-16 河南省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Henan            
2-17 湖北省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Hubei            
2-18 湖南省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Hunan        
2-19 廣東省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Guangdong        
2-20 廣西壯族自治區主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Guangxi        
2-21 海南省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Hainan                    
2-22 重慶市主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Chongqing        
2-23 四川省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Sichuan        
2-24 貴州省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Guizhou        
2-25 雲南省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Yunnan    
2-26 西藏自治區主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Tibet    
2-27 陝西省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Shaanxi            
2-28 甘肅省主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Gansu    
2-29 青海省主要經濟指標                        
Main Economic Indicators of Qinghai            
2-30 寧夏回族自治區主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Ningxia        
2-31 新疆維吾爾自治區主要經濟指標                        
     Main Economic Indicators of Xinjiang                                    
Comprehensive Enhancement Of China's International Economic Status and Influence
五、國際篇International Statistics
3-1  中國主要指標居世界的位次                            
     Ranking of the Major Indicators of China                            
3-2  中國農業主要產品產量居世界的位元次                                    
     Ranks of China in the Output of Major Agricultural Products        
3-3  美國主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of the United States of America
3-4  德國主要統計資料                                     
Main Statistics of Germany
3-5  法國主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of France
3-6  英國主要統計資料                                     
Main Statistics of the United Kingdom
3-7  義大利主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of Italy
3-8  日本主要統計資料                                                        
Main Statistics of Japan
3-9  韓國主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of the Republic of Korea
3-10 新加坡主要統計資料                            
Main Statistics of Singapore
3-11 中國香港主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of Hong Kong, China
3-12 印度主要統計資料                             
Main Statistics of India
3-13 俄羅斯主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of Russia
3-14 巴西主要統計資料                                 
Main Statistics of Brazil
Appendix I:The Economic Development of G20
Appendix 1 Population and Ranks of G20 (2007)                
Appendix 2:GDP and Ranks of G20 (2007)                
Appendix 3:Per Capita GNI and Ranks of G20 (2007)            
Appendix 4:Foreign Direct Investment and Ranks of G20 (2007)                
Appendix 5:Values and Ranks of the Service Imports and Exports of G20 (2007)    
Appendix 6:Values and Ranks of the Goods Imports and Exports of G20 (2007)                                    
Appendix II:Explanatory Notes on Main Statistics Indicators  
七、經濟學家寄語 Economists’ Book Review

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