Erya Chinese: Business Chinese: Advanced Conversation Vol 1

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How many types of prices are applied in international markets?And what are they? 
There are 5 major types:A.Transaction Price.It can reflect normal market fluctuations,and some other special conditions such as market price,business volumes,goods quality,payment terms,and business relations between buyers and sellers.Transaction Price is usually inversely proportional to business volumes and relations,and directly proportional to goods quality.B.Exchange Price.An exchange is an organized market through which many primary bulk commodities are transacted.Transactions in an exchange can be categorized into actuals and futures:Exchange price is principally determined by spontaneous fluctuations in supply and demand.Its closing price is often called as world price,which makes it,for many countaies,one of the major factors that decide prices in contract-making.Thus,it (exchange price of both actuals and futures) is of great importance in analyzing and predicting the price of primary bulk commodities.C.Auction Price.Since it's a kind of spot price without any other additional conditions,it is more liable to reflect the goods' current market and its fluctuations.D.Tenders Price.Sometimes when a nation Or a big enterprise intends to purchase large quantities of goods,it can reach the deal by inviting a public bidding to underwriters around the world,which more often makes tenders price lower than the average transaction price.E.Indication Price.
Erya Chinese: Business Chinese: Advanced Conversation Vol 1