Erya Chinese - Elementary Chinese: Comprehensive Course I Vol 2

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Page: 304
Publication Date: 09/2013
ISBN: 7561936281, 9787561936283
Series: Erya Chinese
Usage Advice
4-6 class hours for each lesson (with 50 minutes for each class)
Erya Chinese Elementary Chinese: Comprehensive Course, divided into two volumes, is an integrated textbook compiled for the compulsory course for international students in their first year of study at a college. This is the first volume, which teaches grammar and is used in their first semester. It consists of two sub-volumes. Each includes 12 lessons, each of which has units such as Learning Tips, Warming-up Activities, Studying in Class, Activities and Summary. Each unit is composed of four lessons and provides the summary of grammatical points and a unit test. Each sub-volume has the after-class exercises accompanying the textbook as well as the unit tests and final tests. This set of textbooks focuses on syntactic grammar, but without neglecting its communicative functions and culture and puts emphasis on the communicativeness of its overall design.
About the Author(s)
Wei Xinhong, teacher of College of Chinese Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University, has long been devoted to teaching and researching Chinese as a foreign language. He has his own ideas in this field, especially in the teaching and textbook compilation of an elementary comprehensive course.
Table of Contents
第13课 我记错时间了
第14课 你当过导游吗
第15课 我是前天回来的
第16课 我只好走上来了
第17课 她穿着婚纱真漂亮
第18课 我把旅行箱搬到你房间了
第19课 那边走过来一个人
第20课 我把桌子和椅子都摆好了
第21课 我一点儿也看不出来
第22课 我想一放假就回国
第23课 他被撞到了
第24课 想去哪儿就去哪儿
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Erya Chinese - Elementary Chinese: Comprehensive Course I Vol 2