ERYA CHINESE: China’s International Business and Trade

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This textbook introduces the history of China’s opening-up, China’s strategy of developing foreign trade and policy of absorbing foreign investment, the role and function of foreign trade and foreign investment in China, the practice and status quo of China's foreign trade, and the solutions to and countermeasures against the problems existing in the field of foreign trade.

This textbook on the one hand has referred to former teaching materials and books, and on the other hand has added plenty of latest data and hot issues as well as relevant practices and cases by consulting websites related to international trade and of government departments, aiming at helping international students learn more about the development of China’s foreign business and trade and prepare them for their work in the future. 

About the Author
Dr. Zhang Jinghong, PhD in Management of Multinational Companies from the Business School of Central University of Finance and Economics, lecturer in the Department of Business and Trade, College of Chinese Studies, Beijing Language and Culture University. Dr. Zhang’s research focuses include TCFL/TCSOL, China’s foreign trade, direct foreign investment in China, multinational enterprise management, etc. Dr. Zhang has hosted a project of National Social Science Fund and has written a number of books on business Chinese and China’s foreign trade. 

This book is suitable for foreigners who have been studying Chinese for more than two years and have mastered over 2,500 common Chinese words, Chinese language learners whose Chinese proficiency equals HSK 5 or above and who can read Chinese newspapers, magazines and engage in extensive discussions about economics, as well as businesspeople and managers engaged in trade with Chinese companies.
ERYA CHINESE: China’s International Business and Trade