Chinese Martial Arts

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This book discusses the Chinese Wushu culture. From the 1st chapter to the 5th chapter, this book introduces the Chinese Wushu and the Chinese history, the influence of Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism of the traditional culture on the Chinese Wushu, the Wushu weapons and schools, the two Wushu holy lands: Shaolin and Wudang as well as the relationship between the Wushu and the daily life of the common Chinese people. Focusing on the theme of Wushu, revolving around the Chinese history and culture, this book unfolds its contents.
Table of Contents
Section 1 Origin of Martial Arts
Section 2 The Transition from Military to Civil Society
Section 3 Coexistence of Civil and Martial Factions in Administration

Chapter 2 Martial Arts and Culture
Section 1 The Warlike Confucius
Section 2 Taoist Thought and Martial Arts
Section 3 Origins of Buddhism and Martial Arts

Chapter 3 Representation of Martial Arts
Section 1 Evolution of Weapons
Section 2 Weapon Categories
Section 3 Martial Art Schools
Section 4 Neijia and Waijia

Chapter 4 Shaolin and Wudang
Section 1 Northern Shaolin
Section 2 Southern Wudang

Chapter 5 Martial Arts in the Modern Era
Section 1 Martial Arts and Folk Customs
Section 2 Chinese Chivalry through Martial Arts
Section 3 Kungfu Superstars

Author's Note
A Brief Chronology of Chinese History
Chinese Martial Arts