C & C++ Programming

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C&C++ Programming, provides a traditional introduction to program development and effective use of C and C++ programming language. The content of this book covers basic components of C and C++, data types and structures, Object-Oriented Programming, and its applications.
The first basic part of the book tells you the essential of C programming by introducing the basics and structured programming techniques for programming development. It also demonstrates the use of pointers, arrays, functions and C++ standard libraries which facilitate your programming learning. The following part introduces the notions of input and output, overloading, and one of the most important characteristics of C++ inheritance. The book also talks about Software Engineering with C++.
This book includes many examples in each chapter. Some of the examples are short (maybe few lines) yet very important, while some examples are more complicated ones to solve real-life problems. It is suitable for beginners as well as students with prior programming experience. Students who use this book are suggested to read and reproduce these programs in their own C++ environment. The exercises at the end of each chapter focus on the key points of the chapter and some of the exercises are real-life problems which need you to build complete programs from scratch.
Hope readers could be more experienced programmers with the help of this book.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction to C&C++
1.1 History
1.2 The first C&C++ Programs
1.3 Compilation and Linking
1.4 Available IDEs

Chapter 2 Basics
2.1 Variable Names
2.2 Data Types and Sizes
2.3 Constants
2.4 Declarations
2.5 Arithmetic Operators
2.6 Relational and Logical Operators
2.7 Type Conversions
2.8 Increment and Decrement Operators
2.9 Bitwise Operators
2.10 Assignment Operators and Expressions
2.11 Precedence and Associativity
2.12 Compound Data Type-Arrays, Structures, Enums and Unions
2.13 Bit-fields

Chapter 3 Control Flow
3.1 Statements and Blocks
3.2 If-else
3.3 Switch
3.4 Loops
3.5 Break and Continue
3.6 Go to and Labels

Chapter 4 Pointers and Arrays
4.1 Pointers and Addresses
4.2 Pointers and Arrays
4.3 Pointers and Functions
4.4 Pointer Arrays and Pointers to Pointers
4.5 Multi-dimensional Arrays
4.6 Pointers and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
4.7 Arrays of Structures
4.8 Pointers to Structures

Chapter 5 Functions
5.1 Basics of Functions
5.2 Function Arguments and Return
5.3 Pointers and Function Arguments
5.4 External Variables
5.5 Variable Scope
5.6 Static Variables
5.7 Register Variables
5.8 Block Structure
5.9 Initialization
5.10 Recursion

Chapter 6 Program Structure
6.1 Multiple Files Program
6.2 The C Preprocessor
6.3 Head Files
6.4 File Inclusion
6.5 Macro Substitution
6.6 Conditional Compilation

Chapter 7 Input and Output
Chapter 8 C++ Object Oriented Programming
Chapter 9 Overloading
Chapter 10 Inheritance
Chapter 11 Software Engineering with C++

Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of C & C++ Programming (ISBN:9787560664118)
Sample pages of C & C++ Programming (ISBN:9787560664118)
Sample pages of C & C++ Programming (ISBN:9787560664118)
Sample pages of C & C++ Programming (ISBN:9787560664118)
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