A Coursebook in Academic Research and Thesis Writing

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Table of Contents
CHAPTER 1 Rudiments of Research Paper Writing
1.1 What Is Research?
1.2 What Are the Purposes of Research?
1.3 What Is Good Research?
1.4 Research Process
1.5 Classifications of Research
1.6 What Is a Thesis?
1.7 Evaluation Criteria for Master's Theses
1.8 Thesis Structure
CHAPTER 2 Choosing a Topic and Developing Research Questions
2.1 Choosing a Topic
2.2 What Is a Good Research Paper Topic?
2.3 Narrowing Down the Topic
2.4 What Is a Thesis Statement?
2.5 What Makes a Strong Thesis Statement?
2.6 What Are Research Questions?
2.7 Steps to Write Research Questions
2.8 What Makes a Strong Research Question?
2.9 General Questions & Specific Questions
2.10 Designing Titles
CHAPTER 3 How to Write a Thesis Introduction
3.1 Purposes of Writing an Introduction
3.2 What Should Be Included?
3.3 How to Write Each Component?
3.4 Tips for Writing a Thesis Introduction
CHAPTER 4 How to Write a Literature Review
4.1 What Is a Literature Review?
4.2 Why Do We Need to Write Literature Reviews?
4.3 Purposes of a Literature Review
4.4 Steps in Writing a Literature Review
4.5 Chinese Students' Common Problems in Planning a Literature Review
4.6 Features of an Effective Literature Review
CHAPTER 5 How to Write a Research Methodology
5.1 What Is the Methodology Section?
5.2 Steps in Writing a Methodology
5.3 Tips for Writing a Strong Methodology
5.4 What's the Difference between Method and Methodology?
CHAPTER 6 A Case Study
6.1 What Is a Case Study?
6.2 Advantages and Disadvantages of a Case Study
6.3 Features of a Case Study
6.4 Types of Case Studies
6.5 When to Do a Case Study?
6.6 How to Do a Case Study?
6.7 Participant Observation
6.8 Interviews
CHAPTER 7 A Survey Study
7.1 What Is a Survey Study?
7.2 Why Do a Survey in Your Research?
7.3 Steps to Conduct a Survey
7.4 Survey Research Methods
7.5 Survey Sample and Design
7.6 How to Choose the Survey Methods and Design?
7.7 The Survey Form: Questions and Scales
7.8 Is the Survey Reliable?
7.9 Carry Out a Pilot Surve
7.10 Analyzing and Organizing Data from Surveys
CHAPTER 8 Norms and Format
8.1 Paper Format
8.2 The Organization of a
8.3 How to Write an Abstract?
8.4 How to Write Acknowledgements?
8.5 How to Write a Thesis Conclusion?
8.6 How to Make Citations?
8.7 How to Reference?
A Coursebook in Academic Research and Thesis Writing