A Silk Road Journey

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Table of Contents
Foreword Passions on the Silk Road Journey
01 Heading West from Chang'an, the Starting Point of the Silk Road
02 Reluctant Farewell to Chang'an
03 Bingling Temple, a Whirlpool of Multi-ethnic Cultures
04 The Waterwheel, the Local Scenery of the Yellow River
05 Hearing the Voice of the Yellow River
06 The Bronze Sculpture of "Horse Stepping on a Flying Swallow" and Wu Wei City
07 On the Qilian Mountains
08 The Silk Road and the Great Wall Shake Hands at Jiayu Pass
09 Dunhuang—Ancient Highlight of the Silk Road
10 China's Flying Dream for Thousands of Years
11 A Brief Stopover at Yumen Pass
12 The Kunlun Mountains
13 The Ancient City of Gaochang Steeped in Buddhist Hfstory
14 Pondering on Loulan
15 Rain in the Mountain of Flames
16 Shaanxi Accent, Shaanxi Opera and a Centenarian
17 The Ancient City of Jiaohe
18 Memories of Shihezi
19 "The Enlightenment of the World Comes from the Wild! "
20 The First Grand Meeting of Chinese Western Literature in Yining City
21 "I am an eagle, bound to fly in the sky"
22 Silk Road Fever in Kazakhstan
23 The Farthest Shaanxi Fellows on the Silk Road
24 Alma-Ata and Xian Xinghai
25 No Victory or Defeat in Battles since Ancient Times
26 My Soul was Touched by Three Monuments
27 Mother Rivers of Central Asia
28 The Ancient City of Samarkand
29 How did a "Small Worm" Turn into a Giant?
30 A Noble Scholar
31 Huxuan Dance on the Silk Road
32 Looking for the Akhal-Teke Horse
33 The "Crossroads" of Asia and "Chang'an" in the Western Regions
34 Pain and Gratitude
35 Thinking of Li Bai when Looking at Suyab from a Distance
36 Tough Immigrants, Mountain Pioneers and Strong Characters
37 A City with its Beauty
38 The Song of the Volga Boatmen
39 The Sail Seeking Peace in the Tempests
40 Wi-Fi, the Signal of the Motherland
41 Small is Beautiful
42 History as Montage
43 Sorry, Batumi
44 Afandi Everywhere
45 Pilgrimage to the Holy Land of the Soul
46 Very Beautiful! Very Popular! Very Prosperous!
47 Visiting "Cave Dwelling "and "Tunnel City" in Turkey
48 Why the Tujue Regard the Wolf as a Totem?
49 The Ancient City of Ankara
50 A Strait and an Aircraft Carrier
51 Mysterious Figures in the Koran
52 The Support behind Us
53 Cai Lun Paper and Parchment
54 Guardians of the Soul
55 The Olympics-Man's Innate Desire for Sports
56 On the Glory of Greece!
57 Venice and Chang'an
58 I would rather believe! "
59 Florence, the Invisible Hand behind the Renaissance
60 The Legendary Artistic Feelings Born in Rome
61 Getting Drunk in Rome
62 Italian Songs and Shaanxi Opera
63 Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican
64 Pompeii, the Ancient City Buried Alive
65 Prospects for the Western Regions and Contemporary Trends—a cultural perspective on the Silk Road from Chang'an to the Tiansha
A Silk Road Journey