Financial Technology

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This textbook is a practical new textbook jointly developed by the financial technology professional team of Beijing Institute of Economics and Management and experts from many domestic higher vocational colleges and financial technology enterprises. The textbook examines the global financial technology reform from macro and micro perspectives, explores the development prospects of financial technology in multiple dimensions, and deeply analyzes the application cases of financial technology. This textbook is a multi-dimension textbook integrating micro courses, animation, PPT, cases and test bank. It provides rich resources for both teachers and students, and is conducive to students' autonomous learning and teachers' curriculum design. The textbook, written in English,aims to promote the internationalization and export of financial technology courses and strengthen international academic exchanges of financial technology.
Table of Contents
Project One Cloud Finance
Task 1 Know the Concept, Characteristics, Services Modes of Cloud Computing and Basic Structure of Cloud Platform
Task 2 Understand the Application of Cloud Computing in the Financial Field
Task 3 Master the Financial Changes and Development Tendency Brought by Could Computing
Project Two Big Data Finance
Task 1 Learn about the Basic Concepts of Big Data
Task 2 Know the Processing of Big Data
Task 3 Understand the Application of Big Data Technology in Financial Business
Task 4 Learn about the Development Trends and Prospect of the Big Data Technology
Project Three Blockchain Finance
Task 1 Understand the Definition, Origin and Characteristics of Blockchain
Task 2 Understand Blockchain Basic Technology
Task 3 Master the Impact of Blockchain Technology on Financial Innovation
Project Four Artificial Intelligence Finance
Task 1 Understand the Concept, Development History and Technical Basis of Artificial Intelligence
Task 2 Understand the Innovative Mode of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services
Task 3 Understand the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Financial Field
Project Five Financial Technology and Securities
Task 1 Understand Basic Knowledge of Securities Market
Task 2 Get to Know Internet Securities Companies
Task 3 Understand the Basic Principles of Intelligent Financial Management Services
Task 4 Master the Principle and Application of Program Trading
Task 5 Master the New Development of Fund Sales
Project Six Financial Technology and Insurance
Task 1 Understand the different connotations of insurance technology and internet insurance
Task 2 Understand the Influence of Insurance Technology on Insurance Products
Task 3 Understand the Impact of Technology on the Operation Mode of Insurance Companies
Task 4 Grasp the Supervision and Development Trend of Insurance Technology
Project Seven Financial Technology (Fintech) and Banks
Task 1 Know about the Concept of E-banking and Its Services
Task 2 Understand the Concept of Intemet Banking
Task 3 Master the Application of Fintech in Banking
Project Eight Fintech and Risk Management
Task 1 Understand the Risk Characteristics of Financial Technology
Task 2 Understand the Application of Financial Technology in Financial Risk Management
Task 3 Understand the Intemational Experience of Financial Technology Risk Management
Task 4 Grasp the Development Trend of China's Financial Technology Risk Management
Appendix Vocabulary
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Sample pages of Financial Technology (ISBN:9787512147140)
Financial Technology