Introduction to Digital Logic

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Table of Contents
Chapter One Number Systems and Codes
1.1 Number Systems
1.2 Number Conversion
1.3 Signed Binary Numbers
1.4 Addition and Subtraction of Signed Binary Numbers
1.5 Numerical Codes

Chapter Two Logical Algebra
2.1 Three Basic Functions of Logical Algebra
2.2 Laws and Rules of Logical Algebra
2.3 Compound Functions of Logical Algebra
2.4 Positive Logic and Negative Logic
2.5 Forms and Transformation of Logic Function
2.6 Simplification of Logic Function by Formula
2.7 Simplification of Logic Function by Kmap

Chapter Three Digital Circuit
3.1 CMOS Transistor
3.2 Basic Logic Gates Implemented by CMOS Transistor
3.3 Other Types of Logic Gates in Digital Circuit
3.4 Unused Input of CMOS Circuit
3.5 Electrical Characteristics
3.6 TTL Transistor
3.7 Interface Compatibility of CMOS and TTL Transistors

Chapter Four Combinational Logic Circuit
4.1 Analysis of Combinational Logic Circuit
4.2 Design of Combinational Logic Circuit
4.3 Universal Logic Gates
4.4 Arithmetic Circuits
4.5 Code Converter
4.6 Numerical Comparator
4.7 Encoder
4.8 Decoder
4.9 4 to 1 Line Data Selector (Multiplexer)
4.10 Hazard of Combinational Logic Circuit

Chapter Five Flip flop
5.1 Definition of Flip flop
5.2 RS Flip flop
5.3 D Flip flop
5.4 JK Flip flop
5.5 Integrated Flip flop
5.6 The Other Types of Flip flop
5.7 Conversion Between Different Types of Flip flops

Chapter Six Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuit
6.1 Definition of Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuit
6.2 Analysis of Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuit
6.3 State Simplification
6.4 Counter
6.5 Register
6.6 ShiftRegister Counter
6.7 Sequence Generator
6.8 Sequence Detector
6.9 Code Detector

Chapter Seven Verilog Implementation of Logic Circuit
7.1 Basic Programming Grammar of Verilog
7.2 Verilog Implementation of the Logic Gates
7.3 Verilog Implementation of the Combinational Logic Circuit
7.4 Verilog Implementation of the Flip flop
7.5 Verilog Implementation of the Synchronous Sequential Logic Circuit

Chapter Eight Memory and Programmable Logic Device
8.1 PLD
8.2 ROM
8.3 RAM

Introduction to Digital Logic