Multimedia Technology Basics

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Preliminary Study on Multimedia Technology
Section 1 Multimedia Technology and Multimedia System
I. Media
II. Multimedia
III. Multimedia Technology
IV. Multimedia System
Section 2 Basic Elements of Multimedia Information
I. Text
II. Graphic
III. Image
IV. Audio
V. Video
VI. Animation
Chapter 2 Digital Image Processing
Section 1 Basic Knowledge of Digital Image
I. Digitalization of Image
II. Basic Properties of Images
III. Color Principle of Image
IV. File Format of Image
Section 2 Image Correction
I. Basic Editing Process of Digital Photos
II. Correction of Deformation and Secondary Composition
III. Adjust Size and Resolution
IV. Correct Exposure
V. Adjust Color
VI. Enhance Image Clarity
Section 3 Image Beautification
I. Stamp Clone
II. Restore Texture
III. Beautify the Details
Section 4 Establishment of Selected Area
I. Rectangular Marquee Tool Group
II. Lasso Tool Group
III. Quick Selection Tool Group
Section 5 Multiple Layer Blending
I. Draw Shapes
II. Input Text
III. Layer Blending
IV. Layer Style
Chapter 3 The Operations of Digital Audio Frequency
Section 1 The Fundamental Knowledge of Audio
I. The Fundamental Knowledge of Sound
II. The Digitization of Sound Signal
III. The Storage of Audio File
Section 2 Sound Recording and Noise Reduction
I. Sound Recording
II. Sound Editing
III. The Noise Reduction of Audio File
Section 3 Sound Editing and Synthesis
I. The Adjustment of Sound
II. Sound Synthesis (supplement)
Section 4 The Special Effect Processing of Sound
I. Adding Echo (Supplement)
II. Adding Reverb Effect (Supplement)
III. Adjustment of Pitch
Chapter 4 Digital Video Processing
Section 1 Fundamental Knowledge of Video Frequency
I. Analog Video and Digital Video
II. Linear Editing and Non-linear Editing
III. Digitalization of Audio Signal
IV. Digital VideoFile Format
Section 2 The Basic Editing Procedures of Video Footage
I. Obtaining Footage
II. Editing the Footage
III. Adding Transition
Section 3 The Operation of Special Effect of Video
I. Adding Filter
II. Picture-in-picture Effect
III. The Processing of “Blue Curtain”
Section 4 Adding Subtitles
Section 5 Saving and Output
I. Saving
II. Video Output
Chapter 5 The Application of Materials on PowerPoint of Multimedia Platform
Section 1 Introduction to Multimedia Platform Software
I. Types of Multimedia Platform Software
II. Functions of Multimedia Platform Software
Section 2 Insertion and Editing of Materials
I. Image Material
II. Audio Material
III. Video Material
IV. Comprehensive Applications of Materials
Section 3 Slide Design
I. Frame Design
II. Page Design
III. The Way of Design for Beginners
Multimedia Technology Basics