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Discrete Mathematics
ISBN: 9787560669090 | Published on 08/2023
The book is mainly aimed at the bilingual curriculum design of discrete mathematics.It can meet the needs of the types of an introduction to the...

Semiconductor Device Principle and Technology
ISBN: 9787560666204 | Published on 01/2023
This book comprehensively and deeply introduces the semiconductor device principle and technology. The book consists of three sections: semiconductor...

Univariate Calculus
ISBN: 9787560664781 | Published on 11/2022
This book mainly describes the basic concepts, fundamental theories and standard methods in essential Calculus of one single variable. It is written...

Action and Gesture Recognition Based on Multi-modal Data
ISBN: 9787560665399 | Published on 08/2022
This book provides a series of gesture and behavior recognition methods based on multimodal data representation. The data modalities include image...

Virtual Simulation Experiment of Communication Circuit
ISBN: 9787560662572 | Published on 05/2022

C & C++ Programming
ISBN: 9787560664118 | Published on 04/2022
C&C++ Programming, provides a traditional introduction to program development and effective use of C and C++ programming language. The content of...

Electromagnetic Simulation Analysis in EMC Applications
ISBN: 9787560660677 | Published on 07/2021

Machine Learning – A Comprehensive Foundation
ISBN: 9787560660547 | Published on 06/2021
This book provides a comprehensive foundation of machine learning. To answer the questions of what to learn, how to learn, what to get from learning,...

Artifical Neural Network: Theory and Its Applications
ISBN: 9787560660356 | Published on 06/2021
This book comprehensively and deeply introduces the artificial neural network theory and its application. The book consists of three sections: the...

The C Programming Language
ISBN: 9787560658773 | Published on 11/2020
There are 12 modules in this textbook, including: C programming overview;types, operators and expressions;input and output;decision...