Polarization Remote Sensing Physics

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Physical rationale of polarized remote sensing
Chapter 2 physical characteristics of multi-angle polarized reflectance
Chapter 3 multi-spectral chemical characteristics of surface polarization reflection
Chapter 4 surface roughness and density structure of polarization reflectance
Chapter 5 Signal-to-background high-contrast-ratio filtering of polarimetric reflection
Chapter 6 characteristics of radiative transfer on surface polarization
Chapter 7 the nature and physical characteristics of the full-sky polarization pattern
Chapter 8 Neutral point areas of atmospheric polarization and land-atmosphere parameter separation
Chapter 9 atmospheric polarization characteristics and multi-angle 3-d chromatography
Chapter 10 bionic polarization for automatic navigation using the Earth’s polarization vector field
Chapter 11 remote sensing for advanced space exploration and global change research
Polarization Remote Sensing Physics