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Beijing Opera: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
ISBN: 9787802467989 | Publisher: China Land Press | Published on 11/2015 | Series: Coloring Book
Coloring book on Beijing Opera 

Classic Script of Huangmei Opera (Chinese-English Version): Lane of Courtesy
ISBN: 9787546186030 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 03/2020 | Series: Classic Script of Huangmei Opera

Learning Zhongruan from Zero-basis (2nd Edition) (with videos)
ISBN: 9787556600076 | Publisher: Shanghai Music Publishing House | Published on 01/2015
The book is for beginners and the content is arranged in a progressive step from light to deep, expounded the whole process from cognition of this...

Beijing Jingju 100 Stories: Synopsis Standard Version
ISBN: 9787563727209 | Publisher: Tourism Education Press | Published on 08/2013

Learning Kuaiban from Zero-basis (2nd Edition) (with video)
ISBN: 9787806929834 | Publisher: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press | Published on 01/2015

Mei Lanfang and Peking Opera: A Guide to China's Traditional Theater and the Art of Its Great Master
ISBN: 9787510450266 | Publisher: New World Press | Published on 08/2014 | Reviews:

Art English teaching universities: Appreciation of the classic opera story in English
ISBN: 9787513633758 | Publisher: China Economy Publishing House | Published on 09/2014

Zhong Kui- A Heibei Bangzi Opera
ISBN: 7513539413, 9787513539418 | Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press | Published on 01/2014 | Series: The Project for Disseminating Chinese Operatic Dramas Overseas
This book emphasize introduce the story of Zhong Kui in the way of Hebei Bangzi. It also attaches the introduction of Hebei Bangzi. This book is in...

Classic Repertoires of Huangmei Opera
ISBN: 9787309123852 | Publisher: Fudan University Press | Published on 08/2016

Selection of Chinese Piano Pieces: Thunder in Drought Season
ISBN: 9787103062555 | Publisher: People's Music Publishing House | Published on 12/2021 | Series: Selection of Chinese Piano Pieces
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