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The Butterfly Lovers: Violin Concerto Piano Accompany
ISBN: 9787805532639 | Published on 04/2007

The Butterfly Lovers (Liang Shangbo and Zhu Yingtai): Violin Concerto Set Score (with CD)
ISBN: 9787806677353 | Published on 01/2018

Learning Zhongruan from Zero-basis (2nd Edition) (with videos)
ISBN: 9787556600076 | Published on 01/2015
The book is for beginners and the content is arranged in a progressive step from light to deep, expounded the whole process from cognition of this...

Dictionary of Chinese Classical Dance Terms
ISBN: 9787552321340 | Published on 04/2021

The Butterfly Lovers (Liang Shangbo and Zhu Yingtai): First Suite, Second Suite, Score (with CD)
ISBN: 9787552306316 | Published on 11/2014

A History of Western Music (Sixth Edition)
ISBN: 9787103034088 | Published on 09/2010

Eternally in Our Memory: ethnographic photographs of Qiang-Tibetan culture from the northwestern region of Sichuan (2 Vols)
ISBN: 9787807513926 | Published on 05/2009
《永久的记忆:川西北羌藏文化民俗图集(中英文2册)》收录的主要是西羌的民俗图片。西羌的部落落脚在群峰叠起、地势险要的岷山地区,开始了几乎与外界隔 绝的生活,这便是至今延续着氐羌先祖香火的羌族。由于地域的偏远和与外界的几乎隔绝,使川西北地区的羌族成为我国具有“文化孤岛”现象的民族之一。但正是...