The Legend of a White Snake - a Beijing Opera

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This book dissects some factors between snake and women in Chinese culture and research the stage-lighting effect through the Beijing opera “The Legend of a White Snake- a Beijing Opera”. So this book is a important one to understand Chinese opera culture.
Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ 
Introduction _ 1 
1. Two sources of the legendary snake _ 1 
2. A cultural interpretation of snake-female correlation _ 4 
Chapter Ⅱ 
Prototype of the Story _ 8 
1. Four phases of development in plot and the character of the White Snake _ 9 
2. The development of other major characters _ 27 
Chapter Ⅲ 
Theatrical Performances of the Legend _ 44 
1. Theatrical performances of Beijing and regional operas _ 46 
2, Critiques of the theatrical performances _ 60 
3. Stage performances of the Beijing opera of The White Snake drama _ 88 
4. The proliferation of the Snake drama overseas 104 
Chapter IV 
Terms and Historical Anecdotes of the Opera _ 110 
Script of the Opera _ 119 
Endnotes _ 194 
Beijing Opera ABC _ 203 
Works Consulted and Cited _ 254
Sample Pages Preview
With Xiao Qing attending to Xu Xian, I have a peaceful mind,In no way shall I return without the celestial herb in hand. 
Boldly I advance to probe the fairyland. 
Ah ! 
[Sing, to the tune ofgaobozi yaoban]The guards look so vigilant and noble, 
I'll reach the mountain peak unnoticeable. 
[Deer Boy enters to block her way with his weapon.] 
Deer Boy: [Sing, to the tune ofgaobozi duoban] 
How dare you the devil to intrude the fairy mountain. 
Bai Suzhen: [Sing, to the tune ofgaobozi duoban] 
I beg you to listen with my head bowed, 
For me to tell my story please let me be allowed. 
Humbly Bai Suzhen is my name, 
Immortal pills I once made. 
Departing from Mount Emei, I am yearning for an earthly life, 
Building a love nest with Xu Xian, I'm now his wife. 
But my husband is struck with serious illness, 
Coming to get celestial herb, I beg for your forgiveness.
Deer Boy: [Sing, to the tune of gaobozi duoban] 
The celestial herb ought to remain in heaven, 
How could we give it away to the humans? 
Bai Suzhen: [Sing, to the tune ofgaobozi duoban] 
Heaven ought to be benevolent indeed, 
To lend a helping hand to the humans in need. 
Deer Boy: [Sing, to the tune ofgaobozi duoban] 
You are such an eloquent rhetorician, 
But my swords refuse to listen to your persuasion.
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The Legend of a White Snake - a Beijing Opera