Electric Locomotive Brake System

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Brake System Cognition
Unit 1 Cognition of basic concept of brake system
Unit 2 Cognition of the development of brake system
Unit 3 Classification cognition of brake system
Unit 4 The cognition of working principle of early brake system
Unit 5 Cognition of relay valve and the development of pressure control of brake pipe
Unit 6 The development of brake cylinder pressure control
Unit 7 Multi-control of locomotive brake cylinder pressure
Unit 8 Controllogic of modern brake
Chapter 2 Components of Brake System
Unit 1 Compressed air supply syste
Unit 2 Brake system
Unit 3 Main component composition of brake system
Chapter 3 Comprehensive Function of DK-2 Brake System
Unit 1 Automatic braking action
Unit 2 Independent braking action
Unit 3 Backup brake action
Chapter 4 Brake Operation
Unit 1 Brake system mode operation
Unit 2 DK-2 brake system operation
Chapter 5 Brake System Test
Unit 1 Air supply system test
Unit 2 Precondition for the brake system test
Unit 3 Freight position performance test
Unit 4 Passenger position performance test
Unit 5 Backup pure air position performance test
Unit 6 Sanding test
Unit 7 Other tests about brake system
Chapter 6 Handling Process of Emergency Fault
Unit 1 Penalty brake
Unit 2 Compressor pumps air for long time
air dryer keep discharging air
Unit 3 BP cannot be charged when ABV handle in
"RUN" position after emergency brake
Unit 4 Brake display communication interrupt or black olue or white screened
Unit 5 The locomotive cannot be released or not reach the
specified pressure. At the same time, BP is discharging quickly
Unit 6 After applying service brake, move the ABV handle to
"RUN" position, BP cannot be charged
Unit 7 Place ABV handle in brake zone in locomotive operation, brake pipe pressure cannot decrease
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Sample pages of Electric Locomotive Brake System (ISBN:9787564384562) Sample pages of Electric Locomotive Brake System (ISBN:9787564384562) Sample pages of Electric Locomotive Brake System (ISBN:9787564384562) Sample pages of Electric Locomotive Brake System (ISBN:9787564384562)
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