Computer Vision

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Table of Contents
Preface to the USTC alumni’s series
Part Ⅰ Segmentation and Registration
Chapter 1 Graph Cuts Based Active Contours (GCBAC)
Chapter 2 A Novel Region Constrained Non-Rigid Image Registration FramewQrk
Part Ⅱ Face and Biometrics
Chapter 3 Parallel Image Matrix Compression for Face Recognition
Chapter 4 Facial Expression Recognition Based on Statistical Local Features
Chapter 5 A Hierarchical Compositional Model for Face Representation and Sketching
Chapter 6 A Brief Introduction to Skeleton-Based Fingerprint Minutiae Extraction
Part Ⅲ Image Annotation
Chapter 7 Image Transform Bootstrapping and Its Applications to Semantic Scene Classification
Chapter 8 Bipartite Graph Reinforcement Model for Web Image Annotation
Part Ⅳ Video Analysis
Chapter 9 Motion Estimation Based on Trilinear and Optical Flow Constraints
Chapter 10 Appearance Modeling for Visual Tracking
Chapter 11 Robust Monocular 3D Tracking of Articulated Arm Movement
Chapter 12 Video Classification via Local 3D Eigen Analysis
Chapter 13 Video Annotation: Supervised, Semi-Supervised and Active Learning Approaches
Part Ⅴ 3D Reconstruction
Chapter 14 Rapid 3D Modeling from a Single Image Based on Minimal 2D Control Points
Chapter 15 Quasiconvex Optimization for Robust Geometric Reconstruction
Chapter 16 Deformable Structure from Motion: A Factorization Scheme
Computer Vision