China Water Statistical Yearbook 2011

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First, the "China Water Statistical Yearbook 2011" is a collection of national and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities in 2010 water resources, water environment, investment in water conservancy construction, water conservancy facilities, utilities and other areas of statistics, and since the founding of New China the nation's leading water statistics, is a fully reflect the People's Republic of water resources development of the annual data. Second, the yearbook is divided into nine chapters, namely: rivers, lakes and water resources, river management, agricultural irrigation, for water, soil and water conservation, water conservancy construction investment, rural water, hydrological station network, employing the situation. For the convenience of the reader to use, each chapter has a brief description of both an overview of the main contents of this chapter, data sources, statistical coverage, statistical methods and historical changes. Pianmo with Main Statistical Indicators. Third, the yearbook of the national statistics, if not for special instructions do not include Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan Province information. Fourth, the editor of the yearbook on the use of the following methods. (1) of the statistical data from the 1949-2010 average was recorded, but some years indicator information not included because the history is unknown. (2) according to provincial statistics for the year to collect the administrative areas of the provinces, after changes in the administrative areas not adjusted statistics. For example: the information in Sichuan Province, Chongqing Municipality set aside in the former, included. (3) of the statistical data by river basin water resources in a partition or group. (4) historical data base to maintain the original appearance, unchanged. (5) of the factors are not separate Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps information, the information included in the "Xinjiang," the data. Five units of measurement used by most of the adoption of international uniform legal standard unit of measurement, a small part of the water followed the usual statistical unit. 6, part of the total number of data bits as several trade-offs arising from the calculation error, were not to make mechanical adjustments. Seven, all with added table information, the notes are listed on the first table below. Eight, the symbol use: the table "space" indicates that the statistical indicators of insufficient information in this table the minimum number of units, or no such information is unknown; "#" indicates the major items; "*" or numerals ( such as ①, etc.) that the notes under the table.
China Water Statistical Yearbook 2011