Chinese for Children (3 Books + 3 CDs)

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  • Author: Liu Xun;
  • Language: Chinese & English
  • Format: 3 Books + 3 CDs
  • Publication Date: 01/1990
  • ISBN: 9787513800822(Book1);9787513800839(Book2);9787513800846(Book3)
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Chinese for Children is an elementary textbook designed especially for the teaching of Chinese to children abroad of pre-school age.
There are three volumes in all, each consisting of twenty lessons. Volume I is aimed at teaching children Chinese pronunciation and the four tones by means of plenty of pronunciation drills; volumes II and III deal mainly with basic sentence patterns which arc simple and easily understood by children. Each volume includes an appendix of teacher's notes.
This set of books takes a practical approach, presenting the children with words and phrases most useful in their every day life.
The topics chosen for each text are interesting to children because they focus on a child's world: it is children, Chinese and foreign, who speak in the text, and talk about children's games such as playing doctor, and tell stories such as the Monkey King and even of a journey to the moon in their dreams.
The texts are in the form of dialogue, enlivened with riddles, nursery rhymes, games and drawings. Its colorful language, together with a large number of illustrations, makes this book most appealing to children.
After completing this set of books, children will have a basic knowledge of the Chinese language: pronunciation, a 340-character vocabulary, and some basic sentence patterns, thus laying a solid foundation for future study of the Chinese language.
To help your children pronounce Chinese correctly, this produced include the CDs to accompany the texts.
Table of Contents
1.My Name Is Dongdong
2.How Old Are You
3.Which Country Are You From
4.Who Is She
5.Shall We Bounce the Ball
6.What Time Is It
7.You Are Very Lazy
8.What Day Is Your Birthday
9.What Day of the Week Is’ It Today
10.Where Is My Satchel
11.Come And Have Breakfast
12.Do You Feel Cold
13.Can You Swim
14.This Pen Isn’t Mine
15.The Little White Rabbit is Eating Green Grass
16.They Are Dancing
17.Lanlan Sings Well
18.This Is the Doll’s Little House
19.Little Dog Huahua Is Under the Little Tree
20.What Is This
Chinese for Children (3 Books + 3 CDs)