My Chinese Picture Dictionary

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My Chinese Picture Dictionary is designed to help students to learn Chinese words in meaningful contexts through engaging illustrations and photos. It includes 15 thematic units, 142 graphic topics and more than 4,200 commonly used words. The units are categorized according to the International Curriculum for Chinese Language Education and are further specified into 142 topics to cover all aspects of daily life. To demonstrate the natural use of words in conjunction with one another,many phrases are also introduced.
My Chinese picture dictionary uses simplified characters and each word or phrase is companies by a pinyin and an English translation. To help students to find a word in the dictionary easily,both Chinese and English indexes are provided at the end of the book. In addition,the Chinese index also provides the traditional version of each character in order to allow traditional character learners to use the dictionary easily. The online version of My Chinese Picture Dictionary contains additional vocabulary practice through activities,games and word webs. It can be customized for individual use and offers students more options.
Table of Contents
Preface 前言
Contents 目录
1 General Knowledge 常识
Numbers 数字
Measure Words 量词
Time 时间
Calendar 日历
Holidays 节日
Money 钱币
Weights and Measures 度量衡
Colors and Shapes 颜色和形状
Opposites(1) 反义词语(1)
Opposites(2) 反义词语(2)

2 Personal Information 个人信息
Resume 简历
Documents 证件
Countries and Languages 国家和语言
Ethnic Groups in China(1) 中国民族(1)
Ethnic Groups in China(2) 中国民族(2)
Appearance 体貌
Personalities 性格
Hobbies 爱好
Religions 宗教

3 Family 家庭
Marriage 婚姻
Family 家庭
Housing 住房
Living Room 客厅
Bedroom 卧室
Kitchen 厨房
Kitchen Supplies 厨房用品
Bathroom 浴室
Bathroom Supplies 梳妆用品
Cleaning Supplies 清洁用品
Family Life 居家生活
Household Chores 家务琐事
Raising a Child 抚养孩子
Weddings and Funerals 婚礼与葬礼
Special Occasions 家庭聚会

4 School 学校
Schools 学校
Campus 校园
Library 图书馆
Curricula and Majors 课程专业
Student Life 学生生活
School Supplies 学生用品
Classroom and Lab 教室和实验室
Classroom Activities 课堂活动
Studying Abroad 留学生活

5 Work 工作
Jobs(1) 职业(1)
Jobs(2) 职业(2)
Office 办公室
Computer 电脑
Telephone 电话
Company 公司
Construction Site 工地
Farm 农场
Tools 工具
Job Hunting 找工作

6 Shopping 逛街
Stores 商店
Department Store 百货大楼
Supermarket 超市
Clothing Store 服装店
Electronics Store 家电城
Hair Salon 发廊
Beauty and Plastic Surgery 美容和整形

7 Dining 餐饮
Nutrition 营养
Fruits and Nuts 水果和坚果
Vegetables 蔬菜
Meat,Eggs and Seafood 肉、蛋、海鲜
Rice and Flour 米、面
Seasonings and Flavors 调料和味道
Beverage 饮料
Dairy and Soy Bean Products 豆奶制品
Cooking 烹饪
Restaurants 餐馆
Chinese Restaurant 中餐馆
Western Restaurant 西餐馆
Tea House 茶馆
Coffee Shop 咖啡馆
Dining Out 外出就餐

8 Hospital 医院
Hospital 医院
Human Body(1) 人体(1)
Human Body(2) 人体(2)
Internal Organs 内脏
Skeleton 骨骼
Symptoms and Illnesses 病症和疾病
To see a Doctor and Have a Medical Exam 看病和体检
Medical Supplies 医药用品
Chinese Medicine 中医

9 Post Office,Bank and Police Station 邮局、银行和公安局
Post Office 邮局
Sending Packages and Money,Paying Bills 寄包裹、汇款、付账单
Bank 银行
Deposit,Withdrawal and Money Exchange 存取款、换钱
Police Station 公安局

10 Transportation and Travel 交通旅游
Directions 方向
Transportation 交通工具
Airplane 飞机
Airport 飞机场
Taking an Airplane 坐飞机
Train 火车
Subway,Bus and Taxi 地铁、公交和出租车
Driving 开车
Traffic Signs 交通标记
Travel 旅行
Hotel 宾馆

11 Leisure and Entertainment 娱乐休闲
Theaters 影剧院
Park 公园
Amusement Park 游乐场
Museums 博物馆
Excursion 郊游
Beach 海滩
Gym 健身中心
Entertainment Center 娱乐城

12 Actions and Feelings 行为与情感
Expressions(1) 表情(1)
Expressions(2) 表情(2)
Actions 动作
Body Functions 身体功能
Feelings and Attitudes 心情与态度

13 Weather and Seasons 天气季节
Weather 天气
Climate Zones 气候带
Spring and Summer 春夏
Fall and Winter 秋冬

14 Art,Sports and the Army 艺术、体育和军事
Fine Arts 美术
Art Supplies 美术工具
Music 音乐
Instruments 乐器
Film and TV 电影电视
Sports 体育竞赛
Track and Field 田径
Ball Games(1) 球类(1)
Ball Games(2) 球类(2)
Water Sports 水中运动
Martial Arts 武术
Army 部队
Weapons and Military Supplies 武器装备

15 The World 世界
The Universe 宇宙
Sky 天空
Land 陆地
Ocean 海洋
Birds 鸟类
Insects 昆虫
Other Animals 其他动物
Disasters and Pollution 灾祸和污染
Chinese Geography 中国地理
Chinese History 中国历史
Chinese Language 中国语言文字
World Map 世界地图
Index in Chinese 中文索引
Index in English 英文索引
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Sample pages of My Chinese Picture Dictionary (ISBN:9787100060790)
Sample pages of My Chinese Picture Dictionary (ISBN:9787100060790)
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