Longman Chinese-English Visual Dictionary of Chinese Culture

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This dictionary collects 20000 entries on 308 subjects related to people s daily life, including food, clothing, shelter and transportation-basic necessities of life, as well as social customs, Chinese culture, industry, agriculture, commerce, politics, law, etc.

About 10000 illustrations are provided.

This picture dictionary of black & white line drawings has everything from traditional Chinese instruments to fire trucks to hotels to prisons and the public security bureau.

You can look up astronomy terms and nuclear missles while you're at it. Learn how to say "space suit life support system" and "execution by gunfire," complete with illustrations showing exactly how it's done.

A great gift for the student of Chinese or collector of cultural trivia.
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1 Customer Review(s):
by aanvrager on 2007-02-08 22:50:29
This is a great dictionary. Full of pictures accompanied by an English word or description, simplified Chinese characters and Pinyin.

Is shows many aspect of Chinese culture and day to day items. It is really usefull.
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Longman Chinese-English Visual Dictionary of Chinese Culture