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Table of Contents
1 Programming in C: an Overview
1.1 C Program Development Cycle
1.2 Basic Programming Tools and Concepts
1.3 Playing with Basic C Language Primitives and Data Types.
1.3.1 C Program Skeleton or Structure
1.3.2 Create Your First C Program
1.3.3 Understanding Preprocessor-generated Files
1.3.4 Compilation Process and Error Classes
1.3.5 Playing with Semantic and Syntax Errors
1.3.6 Playing with Runtime Errors: the Debugging Process
1.4 Playing with Type Definition, Arrays and Structure
1.5 Playing with C Language Constructs
1.6 Playing with C Function and Pointer
2 Hands-on Functions
2.1 Algorithm and Programming
2.2 Function Declaration and Definition
2.3 Function Call Types and Their Mechanisms
2.4 Function and Programming Modularity.
2.5 Function Scope and Variable Lifetime
2.6 Recursive Function
3 Hands-on-Pointers: The Basics
3.1 Pointer and Memory.
3.2 Pointer Expressions and Arithmetic
3.3 Pointer and Arrays
3.4 Pointers and Structures.
4 Hands-on-Pointers: Advanced Features
4.1 Pointers and Functions
4.2 Command Line Arguments: Arguments to Main()
4.3 File System Basics and the File Pointer
4.4 Dynamic Memory Management in C and Linked List
5 From C to C++
5.1 A Brief Overview of C++ Main Features
5.2 Usage of Some C++ Key Concepts
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C Kiss