The History and Development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

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  • Publication Date: 12/2014
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Table of Contents
Ⅰ. Founding and Development 
Ⅱ. Responsibilities and Structure 
Ⅲ. Development and Construction 
Ⅳ. Safeguard the Frontier, Maintain Stability, and Promote 
Ethnic Unity
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The economic development of the XPCC is an important part of the comprehensive economic development of Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. For a long time, and particu-larly since the launch of the reform and opening-up policy, the XPCC has vigorously advanced urbanization, new industrialization, and agricultural modernization by exploiting its native advantages to embrace market demands, adjusting the economic structure and transforming the mode of development. Ithas made great efforts to protect the ecological environment,improve people's livelihood, boost employment, and raise thelevel of public services and social security, thus making re-markable achievements in all undertakings. 
Constantly increase comprehensive economic strength.The total output value of the XPCC in 2013 was RMB 149.987billion, 220 times that in 1954 when it was established, withan annual growth of 9.6%; and 22.9 times that in 1981 whenthe XPCC was reinstated, with an annual growth of 10.4%.The position of agriculture as foundation of the economy hasstrengthened, new industrialization accelerated with indus-try predominant, and tertiary industry has become growinglyprominent in economic development. In 2013 the proportion ofthe three industries was 29.0:41.8:29.2.
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The History and Development of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps