Xinjiang Production and Construction Group Statistical Yearbook 2012

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The Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Statistical Yearbook -2012 is a comprehensive reflect the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, the national economy and social development of the comprehensive information annual, covering Corps, each division and Farms 2011 National Economic and Social the development of all aspects of a large number of statistics, Year statistics, economy with autonomous regions along the northern slope of Tianshan Corps statistics, 15 prefectures in Xinjiang statistics and the country of the eastern, central, western, and the three northeastern provinces statistics; Corps division, major economic indicators to sort data, with provincial and municipal key indicators Sort Corps Procuratorate, the court case, business sentiment survey data.

Second, the book is divided into two parts, the special overload and statistics, statistics include twenty-two: 1. Comprehensive; 2 National Accounts; 3. Population; 4. Employment and wages of workers; 5. Investment in fixed assets; finance; price index; 8 people's lives; 9. agriculture; 10. industry; 11 construction industry; 12. transportation; 13. domestic trade; 14. energy production and consumption; Foreign Trade 15. economic cooperation and tourism; 16 financial industry; 17. scientific, educational, cultural, health and urban; 18. Procuratorate, the court and the Bureau of Justice data; 19. corporate sentiment survey; 20 other data; 21. Farms basic situation; 22. division, regiment sort of major economic indicators. Attached municipalities, and regions of major economic indicators to sort data. Chapters before setting a brief description, a brief overview of the main content of the chapter, data sources, statistical range of statistical methods, and historical changes.

Third, the units of measurement used in the Yearbook of international standard measurement units.

Yearbook "according to the publication requirement, marked 2012 as the year of publication, the text of 2011 annual information.

Yearbook symbolic meaning:

"..." Or "-" indicates that data is less than the minimum number of units of the indicators;

"Space" indicates no indicator data;

"#" Represents one of the main items.

6, most of the Yearbook data from annual statistical reports, some from sample surveys and related business sectors. In order to facilitate the reader to use some of the indicators in the table under made a brief annotation. Where previously published statistics and the Yearbook inconsistencies prevail in this yearbook.

Seven in the editing process, get the Corps authorities concerned ministries, commissions, offices, bureaus and autonomous regions Bureau of Statistics, the National Bureau of Statistics of the strong support and assistance to express my heartfelt thanks! Limited editing level, "Yearbook" errors and shortcomings, please readers and members of Statistics colleagues for their valuable advice.
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Xinjiang Production and Construction Group Statistical Yearbook 2012