Public Crisis Management in China

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Author: Chen Fujin; Tang Tiehan;
Language: English
Format: Papercover
Page: 179
Publication Date: 11/2008
ISBN: 9787119049465
Publisher: Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press
Although peace and development remain the current key theme in the word, crisis management is an important issue which also needs to be seriously tackled by the governments of all countries and regions in today's world, given that all sorts of contradictions and competing forces have become so complex and intertwined, and public emergencies so frequently occur. Generally speaking, emergency events mainly include natural disasters, accidental disasters, public health emergencies, and social emergencies. Such sudden and unexpected public emergencies usually bring about unpredictable serious consequences and damages to people's lives and social development. At present, governments at various levels in China, from the perspective of constructing a harmonious society, maintaining social stability and safeguarding the security of people's lives and property, are making further efforts to strengthen their crisis awareness, increase their knowledge about crisis management and improve their crisis management ability, in order to better predict, respond to and tackle public crises.
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Public Crisis Management in China