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Pingju: Real Life Opera of Northern China
ISBN: 9787510457166, 7510457165 | Published on 08/2016

Recovery of the Heart - Dialogues with People Working towards a Sustainable Beijing
ISBN: 9787510426346,7510426340 | Published on 08/2012 | Reviews:
This book introduces nine extraordinary Beijingers, both Chinese and American voices, their struggles, passions, and why Chinese wisdom and values...

Tales From Tibetan Opera
ISBN: 9787510441042 | Published on 04/2013 | Reviews:

The Chinese Dream Series Real-Life Stories of Creative People
ISBN: 9787510448980 | Published on 03/2014 | Series: The Chinese Dream Series

The Path to Revitalization
ISBN: 9787510411427 | Published on 08/2010

Think Like Chinese
ISBN: 9787510437519 | Published on 08/2013

Xinjiang: Beyond Race, Religion and Place of Origin: A Sequel to I Am from Xinjiang on the Silk Road
ISBN: 9787510461439 | Published on 06/2017

ISBN: 9787802285705 | Published on 05/2008

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