Morden Railway Engineering Consultation: Methods And Practices

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Synopsis The authors have been long engaged in the design, consultation and research of railways and in charge of the engineering consultation on many high-speed railways in China, including Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway and Wuhan-Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway. This book was compiled on the basis of the systematic analysis and summary of China’s railway engineering consultation and in consideration of engineering consultation practices. The book is divided into five chapters, including Development and Technical Characteristics of Railways, Management of Railway Engineering Consultation, Methods for Railway Engineering Consultation, Key Points of Railway Engineering Consultation, and Cases of Railway Engineering Consultation. The book excels in excellent descriptions and illustrations, rich contents, as well as good pertinence and practicability, so it may be used as a reference for relevant personnel engaged in the management, design, consultation and construction of railways and for the teachers and students of universities. 
Table of Contents

Unit 1 Development and Technical Characteristics of Railways 1

1.1 Overseas High-speed Railway Development   3

1.2 Speeding-up reconstruction of railways in China 13

1.3 Medium and long-term plans for China's railways 18

1.4 Main types of China’s passenger dedicated railways 20

1.5 China’s construction technologies for high-speed railways 21

1.6 History of high-speed railway development in China 38

Unit 2 Management of Railway Engineering Consultation  45

2.1 Construction process and management of China’srailways   46

2.2 Organization structure for railway engineering consultation and responsibilities of key personnel   47

2.3 Consultation quality plan 50

2.4 Control of consultation process 51

2.5 Control of consultation results 53

2.6 Consultation management systems 54

2.7 Working procedures of consultation  57

2.8 Consultation risk management 67

Unit 3 Methods for Railway Engineering Consultation 75

3.1 Overview   76

3.2 Stage division of consultation work 76

3.3 Investigation method   78

3.4 Observation method  87

3.5 Experiment method   101

3.6 Simulation method   108

3.7 Question-raising method   112

3.8 Induction method 118

3.9 Analogy Method   121

3.10 Deduction method   127

3.11 Systematic method  128

3.12 Feedback method 135

3.13 Others 135

Unit 4 Key Points of Railway Engineering Consultation  137

4.1 Design optimization consultation 138

4.2 Construction drawing review consultation  146

4.3 Construction process consultation   153

4.4 Special consultation   157

Unit 5 Cases of Railway Engineering Consultation 191

5.1 Consultation on dynamic responses of transition sections among subgrade, bridges,  tunnels and culverts of a certain high-speed railway 192

5.2 Consultation on stress on girder end of intercity railway simply supported girder   223

5.3 Consultation on the improvement design of filling material ofXiashu clay for the subgrade of the high-speed railway 233

5.4 Consultation on reasonable pier type of the high-speed railway  237

5.5 Consultation on the river-crossing tunnel works of a certain high-speed railway   249

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Morden Railway Engineering Consultation: Methods And Practices